AlexEli Vineyards & Winery Willamette Valley Sampler - 4 Pack

AlexEli Vineyards & Winery Willamette Valley Sampler - 4 Pack
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CONDITION: Oregon Mixed
2 2008 AlexEli Willamette Valley Pinot Noir
1 2008 AlexEli Willamette Valley Gewürztraminer
1 2009 AlexEli Willamette Valley Riesling
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I was really hoping to hold out longer this year - I am dipping into negative space in my locker! So…oak regime. I think I heard in the voicemail it was 15% new oak, but didn’t catch any other details. Phil, assuming you’re stopping by, what are the details on the oak?

Otherwise looks like a really interesting Pinot, and potentially my style of Gewurtz and Rieslig - although I also do like t he bone dry versions of them as well.
A link to the winery website

“PINOT NOIR 2008 . 345 cases
Our 2008 Pinot Noir is 100% Pommard clone offering a fruit forward Pinot that seeks the more traditionally minded. A sensation of dark cherry, sour cranberry and vanilla precede rich characteristics of black pepper and maple aromas and flavors through the finish.”

“RIESLING 2008 . 347 cases
Aromas and flavors of pear, honey dew melon, pineapple, lemon, lime, shortbread and herbaceous notes of tarragon.
“Light and soft, showing modest but pretty pear and resin flavors, finishing with delicacy.” -Wine Spectator”

"GEWÜRZTRAMINER 2008 . 235 cases
“Solid grapefruit, peach, ginger, gardenia and mint aromas and flavors. Through the tasting experience, additional nutmeg and clove flavors develop.”

Wow…making kosher wine?! Will it also be kosher for Passover? And is it going to be mevushal? It’s never to early to stock up on good wine for a seder. Although I’m not sure if Pinot Noir goes with brisket… :wink:

Edit: And a wine called Bubele’s Blend?! Win!

how sweet would the whites taste? i’ve just recently started to enjoy white wine (have long enjoyed red wine) and don’t know yet how RS translates into sweetness on the taste buds. that said, dry reisling is one of my favorite white varietals. However, my wife and I are not fans of sweet white wines.

“License in Process” for OH, IN, IL, GA, MA & VT according to the winery website. Guess I will have to sit this one out and hope they come back with another deal after OH gets added. Too bad, these look interesting…

Crafting Kosher

“AlexEli makes sabbath-ready red in the Willamette’s East Valley”

The 08 Pinot went through a cold maceration for 8 days… at about 41 degrees… I always get nervous during this time… I’ve had wild ferments start up at 44 degrees… and if the fermenter isnt well mixed temps are hard to control… so much attention is paid during this time. after being pressed off at about 1 brix I rack to barrel to dryness and start an ML culture… stirring every 2 days for about a month. We grow 100% Pommard clone. You wont find too many if any American Pinots that are 100% Pommard, which is easily over taken with oak. I personally prefer as little oak as necessary to balance the wine. The objective is to bring out the fruit and character of the vintage… and 08 was spectacular!

I am also not a fan of sweet wines… actually our dessert Riesling is just about as sweet as some table Riesling Ive tasted around the NW. The Gewurz is the driest I’ve had around Oregon. Gewurz is touch here in the Willamette for we have such high acids, combined with the phenolics of Gewurz it can be difficult to make a palatable wine that is on the dry side… many would come out too bitter. If you consider that your ability to detect RS is .6% and this Gewurz is .65%, in my opinion we have complemented a bit of acid. We find this wine has an amazing ability to pair with a wide range of poultry and savory salads and heavier cheeses. The Riesling, with its much higher amount of acid has a higher RS, yet the acidity balances it well… and I would certainly not call it sweet or semi sweet… but a touch off dry.

Actually, thats for some of our direct to consumer sales that come from our tasting room… but through the Woot deal we are using a partnership to fulfill our duties to cover sales and licensing of sales that are listed on Woots open for sale states.

Yes!.. 2010 vintage was our first… I am Jewish but not observant… sort of a test run… we’re doing it again this 2011 vintage. I work with 2 Kosher workers from the Orthodox Union from Portland and Salem and they are marvelous to work with. However, calling them in whenever something needs to be touched is quite the tedious and nerve racking time for me… we’ll see how it goes… hopefully we can find customer who appreciate the extra attention to make quality wines that happen to be Kosher.

It’s Willamette, Damn It.

Interesting. IIRC Pommard is quite a beefy clone, and Buena Vista does use it in their Ramal vineyard blend, but not as a single clone-subvarietal (as they do with Dijon and Swan clones). Not one for the light, fruity, airy sorts, but should have heft. Great to see such clone experimentation!

Off-ddry Riesling, mmmm, how’s the mineral come out in that?

Dry Gewurz? Does that mean the florals are more muted? How does it compare with a good Alsace Gewurz?

GReat to see some cooler-weather producers fro Oregon. I hear good things!

Regardless of how you are going about it…still no Ohio!

Indeed, that is a MAJOR bummer. I loves me some Willamette Valley juice, and in particular, the '08 Pinot Noirs I’ve had have been very impressive.

Hmm, this is tempting. Must ponder for a while.

I have not been on in awhile. Reading some past discussions. Is it true the rats are gone?

There were on hiatus. WD has stated they will be back sometime soon (1st Qrt 2012).

Hi Phil,
I know 2008 was an incredible vintage for Pinot in Willamette, how did the vintage compare for the white varietals?