Algreen ErgoGarden DeckBox with Planter

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Algreen ErgoGarden DeckBox with Planter
Price: $124.99
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One person at loves this!

I would like to buy at least two of these units, but I need a mod to answer 2 questions…

(1) What is the wood specie and is the wood treated/coated with any kind of preservative? Also, if metal screws, nails are used to join the box, are fasteners at least galvanized?

(2) What material is the planter made of and is it designed not to leak into the storage area beneath?

I appreciate your attention and I await your response.

Anyone know dimensions/depth of the planting area?

I’ve scoured several pages, I’ll have to email the buyer. Check back for an update.

I found this on Wayfair: Interior dimensions 22.5" H x 32" W x 17.5" D

“Material: Wood”

Ya gotta love woot.

I can’t speak to this item unfortunately, but I do like this company. I bought some planter boxes from them last year and one of the planters and 2 pieces of wood were damaged in shipping. I contacted the company and they shipped out new replacement parts very quickly.

d the specs be any more vague on this item. I second all of acanarelli’s questions. Something to be aware of- in all likelihood when it rains the planter will end up full of water and killing the plant because it has nowhere to drain and if the water tops over the top of the planter, it will probably run down in to the storage area. Seems like a bad design all the way around.