Algreen Products Rain Barrel, Diverter Kit or Pump

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Not having an Al Green joke or a “Let’s Stay Together” pun Woot I’m disappointed.

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Algreen Products Rain Barrel, Diverter Kit or Pump
Price: $19.99 - 189.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Friday, May 29 to Wednesday, Jun 03) + transit
Condition: New


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Good Reviews over at Wayfair

I’m curious…

Is this the same Al Green who sings “Let’s Stay Together”???

I swear I hadn’t seen your comment when I posted my previous one… You must have a great mind!

190 Bucks?

I’ll buy the Al Green album first.

Recycle barrels, 35 bucks, craigslist.

Why would they place the spigot in the middle of the barrel instead of near the bottom?

Big enough for my grape.

mine(a different model, but same brand i think) has a spigot part way up too (it came with a plastic one, but i changed it out for a brass one) and it also has a thin, long hose attached at the bottom with a ball valve, so i can get it all out.
I actually hook a pump up to that to get the water over to the garden.
i just looked it up, this is what i have

i believe that last picture shows the hose…not sure it actually comes with one though, since it’s not in the description. see the indent in the front middle for the hose to come out…mine has one on each side (for whichever is more convenient) and a little hook to hang the hose on near the top.

mine also has a place to plant things on top, i just havent found the right plant that has shallow roots for the amount of room you have…i admit i havent really looked/tried very hard either.

These are illegal in Colorado. State wide ban on any rain collection. The state owns all rain water that falls on your roof and on your land.

Almost $200.00 dollars for a Rain Barrel?

there are cheaper ones, but 100 gallons is a lot, mine is only 65.
you can buy some blue plastic barrels if you aren’t concerned with the looks, but most people want to have something nice to look at if they aren’t hidden.

The spigot in the middle is for filling a watering can. There is also one near the bottom at the back that can be connected to a garden hose.

We have rates that go up based on how much you use per month by me but even at the highest rate I would have to capture and use over 70 thousand gallons to break even.

With a 100 gallon barrel if I managed to average 25 gallons of use per week it will only take me 54 years to break even.

Do I have the cheapest water in the Country or is this really that bad of a deal?

In areas that have droughts, you may encounter watering restrictions where you cannot use your normal water for outside plants.

Also worth noting that in some cases rain barrels may be preferable to long downspout extenders. I have one area that tends to get over-wet due to the gutter, I can either put in a barrel to catch the water and dispense it as I need it, or I can spend either a ton of time (or money) digging out the extender (or thirdly I guess I can just leave the extender exposed in the yard which would be ugly and inconvenient).

If we had spare cash I’d probably be more interested, alas, belt tightening means I’ll have to wait.

::sigh:: Okay, who wants to address this?

Edited to add: Actually, never mind, because apparently they’ve changed their laws AGAIN (used to be watershed collection was illegal but roof collection was not). Colorado, why you so crazy?

I take back my initial derision.

On topic: has anybody used these pumps with other rainbarrels? We have this bad boy ( because I fail at HTML) that is still going strong but it’s in a place where I can’t get it up high enough to get good pressure from gravity. Does the pump go INSIDE the barrel or do you connect it from the outside?

I’m having trouble wrapping my head around how this works without seeing the instructions.