Alice Painting Caterpillar*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

This is the link you click to buy this shirt after January 26th

Nice, Congrats…

sad rat go die, jees
(to justify that statement above, there were like 5 sad rat posts, and yea, i was annoyed, but they were deleted)

nifty shirt, dont think its… me…tho…

congrats cho!

Love alice and wonderland, as well as the design. Got it :slight_smile: Great Job James.

grats again Cho! two weeks in a row! awesome job!

Yes!!! in for 2!

Congrats James on an awesome shirt. Got mine :smiley:

beautiful! i gotta find 10 dollars ASAP!!!

ehh, the foot shirt was better

That’s my kind of Caterpillar!

derbystats was way off on the foot. had that ahead of cho by 30 votes or something. interesting.

i’d get this for a particular someone if we were better friends.

LOVE anything alice! in for 1

condition: Mimsy

I love you woot. Nice satire in your description, too, not that the people it’s aimed at will get it

I’ve wanted this since the moment I saw it, so of course I bought one. I hate white shirts, but the art is so well-done I had to bite the bullet on it anyway.

Congrats, Cho!

Excellent design, deserved First but hey what can you do.

In for 1!

I’m not a kid or a girl so, no thanks.

got mine