Alienware Alpha 4GB DDR3, 500GB Console

I didn’t buy mine from woot, but I’ll give you my experience. I got mine as a refurb for $340 shipped. You won’t be happy with it out of the box, but drop $50 but on 16gb o’ RAMs and you’ll be tickled. If you can afford a SSD drive later, you be even happier. Some articles will tell you that you’ll experience Video stutter with the i3, but that’s running max video settings. Max out your ram and adjust the video quality settings and you’ll have a nice little gaming box. BTW: I’m running Fallout 4 at near max video settings with just the RAM upgrade.

this isnt even a decent deal. the brand new i3 just like this has gone this low quite a few times. for refurb i’d expect to find better price like the above guy did.

I’ve had mine for awhile now. $340 was a smokin’ deal at the time. Personally, at this stage of the Alpha life cycle, I’d like to see this model get closer to $300 for a refurb.