Alienware Gaming Laptops

Used to be a great brand. Quality went to crap after dell bought them.

I would not recommend Alienware laptops. I had an M14X (R1) and it gave me a lot of headaches. Build quality is suspect. There was a problem with the built-in microphone, and while it was under warranty, someone had to come out and replace the entire screen to fix it. One of the keyboard buttons fell off and wouldn’t stay in place no matter what I did. And after less than three years of casual use, the 500GB 7200RPM hard drive failed. I now use a Lenovo Y500, and while it’s not a beast, it was very affordable for the specs, it runs almost everything I play just fine, and the build quality is excellent.

I’m another former Alienware owner who doesn’t have too much nice to say about them. My $3500+ laptop needed three major repairs in three years (motherboard twice and screen LCD inverter board once). And the form factor was massively ugly if you’re anything like an adult. Having said all that, if what you need is maximum computational and/or graphical engine power then it might be a reasonable, though not necessarily great, choice.

I’ve had an Alienware laptop for two years now, never had a real problem with it. However, unless you’re hardcore about gaming, it’s not really worth the price. I’m a pretty casual gamer, could have done without it tbh. The fan on mine can get pretty loud, not sure if that’s a known issue or not, but just a head’s up to anyone interested.

My father has a Dell laptop and the same thing just happened after he bought it brand new 2 months ago. Dell support was a 2 hour frustrating mess with dudes who barely spoke English. Screw Dell

My recommendation is go with a Lenovo Y50, just bought one for $1400 with similar specs, not quite as beefy but the reviews and build quality / form factor seem better than these Alienwares. Plus I have had way better luck with Lenovo support than Dell.

Just my 2 cents.

My next gaming rig will be another Sager, but that’s only because I prefer it’s upgrade/servicability.

Alienware makes a nice product, these aren’t bad machines at all.

Several years ago I bought an alienware laptop online for xmas. Blue Screen first login. Second login had Window’s Defender (can’t remember the exact name) kick back errors related to several problems with programs that actually had “Keylogger” in the names. I plugged in my jump drive and found not only a 2 gig hidden partition, but a video card that didn’t take to ANY of the drivers I could find after I wiped the system (generic NVidia, Dell drivers off the web, and one more I can’t recall).

 Two days, three hours on the phone, and almost 20 transfers later I finally reached the tech support stonewaller. They would not take an exchange, and refused to refund my money without a %20 restock fee (out of almost $5000). Ten minutes and no transfers with AmEx got my money returned. Twenty minutes filing a BBB report (full of words like "liability") earned me a phone call from a very meek woman at Dell, and a day later two return boxes arrived in the mail.

 My word my not be worth much, but buyer beware. I stay FAAAAR away from all Dell products now, and pay for EVERYTHING with AmEx.

I’ve heard nothing but bad things about Alienware over the past 5+ years. If you want an overpriced, custom made rig go with Falcon Northwest or some other small company. Sometimes you can get some good connections through Craigslist if you really want something specific made, but might be stuck with a stock case.

Alienware is the Apple of computers.

um, wouldn’t apple be the apple of computers? just sayin…