Alienware Gaming Laptops

Another day, another $2200.

Another day, another $2200 you could spend at Sager or Ibuypower and get a heck of a lot more for your money.

And where do they get these “List Prices” from? As usual I can’t find any of these for sale anywhere at anything even remotely close to the “List Price”.

Wonder why these are only running Windows 7.0. Are they capable of running Windows 8.1 provided I find the media and purchase the license ?

(“these” and “they” being all three laptops)

It’s only been a decade since I was burned by special “Dell only” hardware.

“Gaming laptops”, windows 7 is a better choice to use as an OS than 8 or 8.1 for gaming. But you could put 8 on them no problem if you wanted to for some reason.

Not true at all…8.1 will have quicker boot times and is lighter on resources. Set it to boot to desktop by default and ignore the “Metro” menu, and 8.1 is much better day to day. Just one example, google will provide many. These have Win7 installed on them because…they are a bit old.

Its 2015 why are people still repeating this nonsense?

NO I bought one they are not old and YES we who truly play games prefer WIN7 If you want to edit your word document (which is what it sounds like) then get win8.1 I have both.



I did just get a new R2 (directly from Dell). I have used windows since the original. I can say definitively that Win 8 SUCKS!

The OS is fine . . . it is the “Metro” interface that BLOWS (synonymous with SUCKS). I don’t know, maybe it is just me being some sort of OS interface Luddite.

Here is a 20 minute video (don’t worry it is entertaining, no kidding!) that explains EXACTLY why Microsoft is releasing Windows 10 (actually it is a treatise about human interface design and how Win 8 bunged it up) and providing it FREE to all users of all versions of Windows 8 (and 7 because support is ending).

(Really, watch it.)

I don’t have a touch screen PC and I won’t have one anytime soon for productivity. I don’t give a crap what you might see on scifi movies, touch interfaces are good only for manipulating documents as object (reading them and moving them for instance) and playing games (to a degree).