Alienware MJ-12 Mid-Tower ATX Case with 700 Watt Power Supply

AWESOME … I’m in for 3!!!

Track Woot Checker - Price Grabber, Amazon, Froogle. All here. =)

Sellout Woot Checker - Price Grabber, Amazon, Froogle. All here. =)

Warranty: 90 days - 700 Watt Power Supply

how long will it last? i dont trust power supplies anymore. bastards fail

I thought Dell bought Alienware???

but its owned by Dell :P!

The ironic thing about that is that alienware was bought out by Dell last year.

was 129.99 first time

It is worth it just for the shiny alien head logo… if I was looking for a tower case, I’d get this now.

What kind of 700 Watt power supply is in this thing? If it includes a good unit from a quality name brand, that’s worth $100 right there.

Bought one of these on Woot before. Have been happier with $50 cases that have $50 rebates than it.

Kick ass case. I bought one last time around…it’s very well built. The case is normal sized, but the shipping box is huge!

far too many uber nerds on this board… why do so many know that?

now, that kind of power would make a HOT blanket!

What, a ready-made case? Pshaw, only newbs and paraplegics use these. Real geeks make their own cases from raw sheet metal and hand-poured plastic. I could make 15 better cases with my own two hands for the price of this woot!

If only I hadnt bought a Lian-Li case a month ago

I just bought a computer case and 500W PSU 2 days ago. I paid more than this, too.

But I don’t care for PC cases that have doors. It’s too much work accessing the CD drive and card reader as it is, let alone add the complexity of opening a door.

LOL. “Front door folds neatly to the side for easy access to front ports and drive bays.” It’s plastic. It opens, not folds. And what makes it neat?

Your taunts are tempting me…
I’m not worried about my skillz, but my pocketbook…?
This would be sweet with a new quad core motherboard.

Honestly woot. You offer a case with no glass panels and/or neon?!?!?
Thats horrible. Just horrible. Im out.

Heck…good 700 watt power supplies run more than this.

Don’t forget the expanding foam and JB Weld.