Alienware MJ-12 Mid-Tower ATX Case with 700 Watt Power Supply

This is how it’s neat

don’t luk now, butt serze no komputor eathar

is this guy serious ?

You have got to be kidding me man…

got one of these last time around (for $40 more, mind you) and like it very much

the beast is HEAVY; that $5 shipping is a steal with this

Ahhmmm… Another who inaccurately compares prices…

By buying a cheap, decent looking case, w/PSU on NewEgg that lasts a month or two (for what $50 w/$15 shipping?)? Cheap cases with a PSU typically means you take the case you like and buy a decent PSU for another $100-150 and replace the garbage that they ship it with.

In this case, the PSU is well worth the $95 SHIPPED (if they provide the same PSU they do in their full system builds) than what you can build for anything less. If you are a metal fabricator with expensive equipment you still need a decent PSU and you can’t find a high quality 700 watt PSU for $90. I’m not a big fan of Alienware because I can build an equal system for much less but I’d trust their equipment unless they’re putting in one that they don’t use in production machines.

As for the case, I’ve moved away from doors, I hate them… but it looks decent too for the price. Love my Antec 900 and it’s wide open front.

I trust Alienware quality but can’t see paying what they ask for a full system so this is a good woot.

Actually the door does fold over-neatly; it’s on some sort of double-jointed hinge thingee. It ends up folding over, front side out, against the side, and magnets hold it there tightly. It’s completely out of the way, rather than flapping in the brezze like a window shutter.

Well damn, I broke down and bought one, my Antec has some dead fans and is whining at me anyway.

I went through several power supplies until I spent about $100 for a good one and haven’t had a problem with it at all [crossing fingers]…

LOL at your LOL. You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about. CHECK YOUR FACTS before you poke fun…

“More and more PSU manufacturers are moving to larger single 12V designs despite the Intel 240VA recommendation towards multi rail designs. Personally I like this move towards a large 12V rail rather than mincing the rail into bite-sized portions. If you’ve got a PC that doesn’t need 18A going to PCI-e graphics cards but uses 25A on start up to spin up an insane amount of hard drives a single rail design has you covered.”

That’s typically what happens when someone gets a cheap PSU. Those thinking that the NewEgg $50 case/PSU combos are great are in for a surprise in most cases (not to mention shipping). I ran into it a few months ago when I built someone a system. They liked an Apex case (think that was the company) so I ordered it and it lasted one boot up. Ended up swapping it out for an Antec combo which was a bit more after rebate.

As for (all of) your comments… the site or woot isn’t about electrical knowledge so talking down to people who aren’t electronically literate really doesn’t mean much other than making you look like a complete ass or showing that you may (or may not) know about house wiring and nothing about PSUs.

I would be all over this if I hadn’t just bought an antech case for five dollars at a yard sale. The five dollar price included speakers, keyboard & mouse, pci usb port(4) card, and a firewire pci card. The guy even offered to give me over 400 old computer books he had cluttering up his Garage.

Sorry woot, you can’t compete with yard sales!

Alienware is with Dell, VooDooPC is with HP.

Great case, great power supply, bought this last time it was offered for @$40.00 more and that was a good deal, buy it! Only gripe is it did not come with a diagram for hooking up the leads, but hey, experimentation is half the fun of a new build…


Torch trying to argue electricity with an electrical engineer = how did he put it…LOLOLOLOL

BTW, OCZ that you mentioned above distributes PC Power and Cooling PSUs in America.

Yes, it IS worth it. Why? Because that $30 680w power supply will never deliver 680 watts, no matter what the labels say.

Power supplies are a very poorly regulated industry --the labels on the outside only mean something if the product is sold by a trusted company; otherwise, all bets are off. And trusted companies don’t deliverl quality 680w power supplies for less than $120-150. The Chiefmax you listed, on the other hand, is on a list of about half a dozen “this-is-a-brand-to-avoid” lists for people in the know, along with RaidMax, PowMax, or anything made by Deer or YoungYear with other people’s names slapped on.

For people who truly need a 680w power supply, if this is an Enermax, they’re one of the top 2-3 brands. I’ve had them (still have one powering my server) and they’re hard to beat.

Must be nice to have that kind money.

I build similar rigs, and they cost me far less. I’m picky about build quality, and I’m picky about quality parts, and of course a good build takes time. But what I really save on (in addition to the markup on the build and parts) is on not needing any service other than my own, and not needing a fancy paint job on my case.

Would I buy a Voodoo or Alienware? Nope, markup is high, like Falcon NW, though build quality is less than Falcon’s. Would I buy Dell? Not for a gamer system, though they’re great for business and the average user. But with all due respect to Falcon, I’ll save my money and go the DIY route.

Damn… sleep in late just ONE sunday… and I missed it…