Alienware MJ-12 Mid-Tower ATX Case with 700 Watt Power Supply

I don’t mind saying it - There’s no such thing as buss linkage. This person is screwing with you.

at 15Amp 120ADC. 1800. I didnt’ consider the Root mean square. That compared to 700. U are almost taking half the power. Pretty unsafe. I was probably wrong about the big wire part though.

Two rail has nothing to do with the number of connectors there is guys. It is just more stable if one of your components flutuates in voltage a lot. It also has its disadvantages esp if u have super big vid card or SLI.

I would like to know the efficiency on this PSU though. How is the noise on the fans?

well SoB!!! i bought this last time it was up on a woot off for 135 bucks. psu works great, case is solid as hell, and has plenty of room. the fans that create the wind tunnel keep the putter nice and cool! its a GREAT buy @ 89 bucks. a solid, SOLID case, and 700 wts of power, i mean, c’mon. grab this.

That case actually looks decent. I’m not sure if you would gain anything by upgrading your case. You only swapped the video card, and x1600 isn’t producing much heat. But, if you decide to get a new case, I don’t think you’ll have any problems moving those components. They should fit, unless it’s not mATX/ATX motherboard. I’ve switched the case for a friend on his eMachine, and the only thing that didn’t transfer was the metal backplate that goes over the connectors on the motherboard (mouse/keyboard, DVI/VGA,…) It was practically welded onto the case, and then it didn’t fit. That was an older computer…

depends some clowns make their boards propritary…just make a new build, id go with a gigabyte baord and go amd for your chip…use the other gunk you put in the gatwa!y

I think those coverplates usually come with the cases, not the motherboards, which is maybe why it didn’t fit.

What did you end up doing about the backplate? It looks like the motherboard is a microATX, which I think is compatible…?

Solid woot, you’re going to pay $150+ for a quality case/PSU like this anywhere else. If you don’t like the Alien on the case get out a flat head screwdriver and remove it :slight_smile:

Woot has this amazing ability to be selling something right when I’ve been looking to get it. The Zune/TomTom they had a couple weeks ago was perfect timing with me getting a new car. Now I’m in the process of building a computer but haven’t got a case, most places want $80 for a decent case without a fan + 15 shipping. And if it does have a PSU, it sure as hell is not sporting a 700 watter. Alienware has always sold quality computers at a ridiculous price. I have no reason to believe that this case or power supply would be of poor quality.

Nothing, it was just sitting there without a backplate, but, just be careful when removing it as I bent it and twisted it way too many times. But, that was years ago, and I was a bit inexperienced. :wink:

Hey mike.
I have the 2nd case mike bought, no complaints… yeah the fans are kinda loud but doesnt bother me. My roommate joke about me preparing for lift-off when I boot it up lol. I have in it : mobo: ECS 915PL-A2 Socket775, cpu: Intel Celeron D 356 3.33GHz 533MHz 512KB, vid: NVIDIA GeForce 7300GS 256MB DDR2 PCIe, Western Digital 160GB UDMA/100 7200RPM 8MB IDE HDD, 1gig ram, ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro 92mm CPU Cooler. Easy installation and plenty of room for further expansion. :smiley:

My CM Centurion (nice case) came with a generic I/O shield. My Mobo came with the correct I/O shield (for the mobo).

Case might come with a generic backplate, but each motherboard has its own backplate. So, it’s the motherboard’s backplate that you want to use, not case’s as it most likely wouldn’t fit.

What is the name of the power supply in it? What does it look like? Is it golden metallic color?

well, personally, I like the logo and that’s good enough for me.

Hey kitchme, you might want to contact woot to get your commission check. You sold me on it.

I’m in for one!

in for 2… damn alien logo

Pff. I use cardboard. It works great 'til it catches fire.

HERE is some much requested and debated info…
Actual pic of the label on the PSU that came in my case:
dimensions for the PSU: 9"Lx6"Wx3.25"H

Edit: Forgot to post some links:
PSU Price:
PSU reviews:


It depends where your vid card slot on your motherboard is located… if it is in line with the 3.5 internal bays then there is only about 10.5" clearance but below the 3.5 bays there is about 13" clearance.

Hope this helps, Jinx

This is a nice case and all, but I won’t buy a case anymore without a sliding motherboard tray, it really makes a difference when working on the computer. I’ve been looking for a replacement case for my main pc since it’s getting a bit old, but no dice without the tray.

HIPRO doesn’t sound like a very high end psu IMHO

These is good prise for computer. I know there is not monater but I think I can wait for woot to get those to. I am geting one for work and one for home. Good woot!

LOve u