Alienware MJ-12 Mid-Tower ATX Case with 700 Watt Power Supply


Torch trying to argue electricity with an electrical engineer = how did he put it…LOLOLOLOL

BTW, OCZ that you mentioned above distributes PC Power and Cooling PSUs in America.

Yes, it IS worth it. Why? Because that $30 680w power supply will never deliver 680 watts, no matter what the labels say.

Power supplies are a very poorly regulated industry --the labels on the outside only mean something if the product is sold by a trusted company; otherwise, all bets are off. And trusted companies don’t deliverl quality 680w power supplies for less than $120-150. The Chiefmax you listed, on the other hand, is on a list of about half a dozen “this-is-a-brand-to-avoid” lists for people in the know, along with RaidMax, PowMax, or anything made by Deer or YoungYear with other people’s names slapped on.

For people who truly need a 680w power supply, if this is an Enermax, they’re one of the top 2-3 brands. I’ve had them (still have one powering my server) and they’re hard to beat.

Must be nice to have that kind money.

I build similar rigs, and they cost me far less. I’m picky about build quality, and I’m picky about quality parts, and of course a good build takes time. But what I really save on (in addition to the markup on the build and parts) is on not needing any service other than my own, and not needing a fancy paint job on my case.

Would I buy a Voodoo or Alienware? Nope, markup is high, like Falcon NW, though build quality is less than Falcon’s. Would I buy Dell? Not for a gamer system, though they’re great for business and the average user. But with all due respect to Falcon, I’ll save my money and go the DIY route.

Damn… sleep in late just ONE sunday… and I missed it…

AMEN Brothuh!!!
I’ve built my server, and my current 2 desktops for the house.
I know whats in them and on them…
I’ll bet that guy drives a beemer too, haha

haha… yer phunny :slight_smile:

Hmm… Sold out… But that only had a little over 400 of these… Glad it won’t make the woot-off


so now outputs = rails?

Nice case, and a good price. Hell, the power supply alone is 75% of that price.

I jusy don’t like the idea of having to open a case door to pu in/take out a CD or DVD.

Does this come with lol cats?

I also don’t like doors on PC cases, but the door does really fold away nicely to the side. Great design. You will forget it is even there.

Hey Torch,
Check this link
I believe you will see that the “most-respected” pc power supply maker in the business
is showing their single rail SLI certified power supply there.

Good night yourself

Yes… if you have no idea how to build a PC (which takes little if you’re at all technically inclined), I guess you buy an expensive one but this is woot, where it use to be, more often than not, literate on these things.

If you cared enough to get a Lian-Li then I doubt you’d be very happy with this case. I’m sure the Alienware case is fine, but it’s just not going to be in the same league as a Lian-Li case.

glad this thing sold out, it saved me some money. I have been thinking about building a new computer, but probably won’t for a long time. I was thinking about picking this up, but it would really just take up space for a long time till I get around to building the new PC

actually I have already built my own system. I dont need this case especially for that price.

I need a new power supply so what the heck.I get a new power supply plus a nice case with fans.I hope it fits in my antec sonata II or I will have to move everything.Its ok though,Now I will add another dvd burner too.

If you had little kids you would love the door.I hope the door can lock too.

Check this alternative deal out at Tiger Direct:

Ultra / X-Connect V-Series ( XVS) / 700-Watt / ATX / Dual 80mm Fans / 20/24-Pin / Modular Power Supply with Ultra Grid Clear Side ATX Case

This is a quality power supply and case. I just transferred my system into one of these since I was tired of hitting the exposed Reset button on my old case. The dual 80mm fans really pull air through quietly. Just be sure to order a couple of these adapters so you can connect your fans directly to the power supply.

Another alternative is to connect the fans to the motherboard but you might need this adapter if you motherboard has only one fan connection spot:

Here’s more detail on the case which is also sold for $99 without the power supply:

Use this link (listed above) to get the case AND power supply for $99: