Alienware MJ-12 Mid-Tower ATX Case with 700 Watt Power Supply

If only I hadnt bought a Lian-Li case a month ago

I just bought a computer case and 500W PSU 2 days ago. I paid more than this, too.

But I don’t care for PC cases that have doors. It’s too much work accessing the CD drive and card reader as it is, let alone add the complexity of opening a door.

LOL. “Front door folds neatly to the side for easy access to front ports and drive bays.” It’s plastic. It opens, not folds. And what makes it neat?

Your taunts are tempting me…
I’m not worried about my skillz, but my pocketbook…?
This would be sweet with a new quad core motherboard.

Honestly woot. You offer a case with no glass panels and/or neon?!?!?
Thats horrible. Just horrible. Im out.

Heck…good 700 watt power supplies run more than this.

Don’t forget the expanding foam and JB Weld.

no accounting for taste

HP owns Voodoo.

Ah man, you never called my bluff! I just got in the market of looking for a replacement computer for the parents, so I’ve been waiting for woot to put up another one; of course this’d happen now. Boo…put up a premade one for me, I don’t want to build my parents a computer!

And before anyone asks,

Yes, it will work with a Mac.

Just add a system board with network card, video card, keyboard, monitor, mouse, hard drive, and install Windows. Then share a file and access it from your Mac…


Well let me see if I can put a negitive spin on ths product. Well to begin with, its empty except for the 700 watt piece of junk power supply. It was made in China, so it probabbly has led wires in it, and we all know how the Chinese do business, just look at the toy market, I’d be afraid if I bought this and there was a recall I wouldnt be notified.

“Optional hot-swap hard disk drive module supporting up to four hard drives” So how much does that option run? Knowing Alienware, prolly another 75. Thanks, but I’ll pass.

I bought this during a recent WootOff (for $40 more than being offered for here). Built the PC I am using now with it.

Nice, heavy case. Fans seem somewhat loud, but then I don’t have the side panel on it, and it is sitting head-high on the table about 15" away from my head, so that might have an impact on how loud it is now.

Overall I am happy with it, and have few complaints - except that it is $40 cheaper now than it was 3 1/2 months ago. But then, I’ve been griping that the chip I purchased in early July is now approx. $50 cheaper now. Don’t get me started on RAM or my video card…

I like the new Woot moderator! He’s good at getting my questions publicized :slight_smile:

Good thing too, since I didn’t come up with anything from Alienware’s web site.

Its a CASE. i dunno much about macs, but assuming mac hardware is the same, then yes, it should be mac compatible

Yes people, Alien Ware was bought by Dell and therefore, HP bought Voodoo… Even a more expensive and bsed gaming company.

I too would like to know about the quality/brand of the PSU. Is it SLI Certified? Also, does this case meet BTX standards?

What brand power supply? I am not sure if Alienware makes power supplies.

Attention Woot! staff: Dell Computers bought Alienware a while back.
HP more recently acquired Voodoo PC.

Please correct.

nice case for the price, 700 watts alone is wroth the money spent.