Alienware MJ-12 Mid-Tower ATX Case with 700 Watt Power Supply

Well, for one reason, it’s on their website…

Whoa did not know. Thank you for the information.

Will pass then.

When you say “cheaper” are you including the cost of the metal-working equipment? I hear a CNC machine can be pretty expensive these days. :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont understand, if there is no window how will you know whats inside!

who uses a case nowadays? just bunch up the wires and components in a corner of the room = done.

So you like your power supplies with 90 day warranties? I hear you can still have lots of fun with your hard drive and motherboard even after the magic smoke gushes out… just in case you need to know so you don’t junk them.

I just got a 600 w Xion psu from newegg today… what if i need an extra 100 watts!

Some more pictures of the case.


I have enough fun just rubbing my Motherboard across my carpeted floor. How else are you gonna charge those Capacitors?

This looks sweeeeT! If you’re like me, and building systems for sale, it would command a premium. To the person happier with $50-$50 rebate cases–well, who wouldn’t be??? It’s got a 700W SLI-ready power supply. It’s worth more than that by itself! I’m considering this…


ATi Pci express 128 Mb videocard
and a bunch of stuff I couldn’t find right now if my life depended on it…!

Anyone know if this power supply is 80 Plus certified? (certification for low energy usage computer power supplies. I never realized the darn things always run at 100% capacity, even when your computer is only using 20% of it’s power. Sure would keep things cooler…)

Well let me see over 99% of the products you buy are made from China. The keyboard you are typing on has some component shipped from there. The Screen you are using is also. The household items are most likely from there. Also the clothes you wear were made from there as well. Now if it was made in the USA you would be paying about 10 x’s as much. So why bother trying to diss!! I don’t get why you wanna talk about how much lead is in anything when you don’t bother talking about how much pesticide is in the food you eat daily!!

From what I can tell, Alienware is still pretty good actually. Dell just bought them out to try to make their XPS series better gaming rigs.

I used to be a buildityourself snob until life caught up with me. My gaming Lan is made with Dells and Woot Special 7900GS’s from months back.

I felt icky submitting the order, but I’ve had several parties since, and not a single hiccup from the machines. It’s been a long time since I recommended building a machine from scratch.

That said, I wish I could find a reason to buy these cases. The savings on shipping alone is amazing.

If I get this it’ll be my first time building a PC. What else do I need, and how hard is it to assemble? I’ve installed internal drives and RAM before.

Would one of you people who is chiming in that you bought this last time PLEASE post what brand of PSU is in there? Personally I’d like to know brand and model so I can see if it’s a single-rail PSU.

I’m about to build a new PC and the PSU that I’m looking at goes for $180! (PC Power and Cooling Silencer 750 Quad).

A quick google search didn’t give me any specifics, but apparently the PSU is manufactured by Enermax ( , though the label is hard to read).


I know you mention sli, but make a note whether the P/S is Dual Rail SLI-Ready<<< It’s very important to those ready to throw down who know what SLI is…

If in fact its Dual Rail SLI Ready, its a great deal

Nice case, love my alienware.