Alienware MJ-12 Mid-Tower ATX Case with 700 Watt Power Supply,1895,1941376,00.asp

hmmmm… who’s the “tard”?

I hate buying a case site-unseen… there aren’t enough pics from different angles. I’d like to see inside, the back, the top…

I don’t see a top-venting fan nor side-venting fan. I’d really, REALLY like a removable motherboard panel (preferably one with a completely removable backplane, like my old CoolerMaster ATC-201 that remains my favorite case to date (found a great pic demonstrating what I mean here =

See? I love it, I can pull the entire mobo and peripheral cards out to work on them outside the case. Yes, I only work on it maybe once a year when I do a mobo/CPU/fan upgrade, but when I do, it makes it absolutely worth it. I wish more case manufacturers made them like that.

However, the real deal breaker is the power supply. Who makes it? Tom’s Hardware did an extensive test on several big-name power supplies and it was rather surprising to see which ones failed, even some big names failed miserably, but I’d still like to know who makes it, I’m definitely not trusting my $600 mobo/CPU, $400 video card, and $500 worth of CD/hard drives to a generic label power supply.

That’s not true. Get a kill-a-watt power meter if you wish to confirm for yourself. I have a 700 watt GamerXStream PSU and idle I’m using about 205 watts, and under load up to about 350-400 (non-overclocked e6600, 7900 gtx video card).

lol. Best comment ever.

I bought one of these in the woot-off. The PS handles dual 7950GX2s (Yes, quad) and a dual core E6600, has a 120MM fan up front. Great case. The front also opens funny so it can rest on the side of the case (left side), hard to asplain, Lucy.

Sad to say, but it kicks my Lian-Li’s boxy ass.

PSUs don’t run at 100% all the time. They use a fraction more than the power requirements of the system (perhaps 10-20% more). True, some of the newer PSUs are more efficient which is good for mother earth, your power bill, and heat/noise.


touche. Can’t wait to see the next step if this bluff-calling escalates further :stuck_out_tongue:

BUWAHAHAHA, someone needs to do some research before opening their cybermouth. It’s very simple: Go Google “hp alienware”, that’s all… entire first page is all articles about how HP bought VoodooPC in a similar fashion that Dell bought Alienware. NO mention of HP buying Alienware. Mainly because it didn’t happen.

Double-bahahaha, when I tagged this post with “R” dash “tard”, Woot replaced it with, “My best buddy”, LOL @ Woot. Nice. :slight_smile:

Because that was the moment Alienware ceased to be interesting as a company. Those of us in the business predicted it the moment the acquisistion was made public. They are just a Dell XPS system with a funny looking case.

Those pictures show an Enermax power supply in that case. Those are usually pretty good, and they seem to win a lot of awards when the elite overclocker sites review them.

We also know that the power supply can do SLI now, because it shows it in the picture :slight_smile:

Maybe I answered my own question, but I’d love a second opinion!

I LOVE it, not a SINGLE ONE of those links works…

imho, Enermax and Thermaltake seem to be the some of the best. There’s another but I cant think of it right now.

That is one impressive home (I’m assuming) setup. Can I play too? :wink: I also got a 7900GS from Woot and it’s been serving me very well so far.

I just ordered a bunch of stuff from NewEgg and for some reason PayPal was being rejected for some reason. This was good, because one thing I was ordering was a fairly cheap case and 600W powersupply. When I spotted this on Woot (for only $10 more than I was going to pay) I had to jump on it. Good woot!!!

Anyone have issues with NewEgg and PayPal?

You can buy a 680w power supply includding shipping for only $30.

Is it worth it. You decide.


Dell has been better for it (for the purchase of alienware, and alienware retained it’s autonomy). I am in for one, It’s been 5 years since I built a P.C. from the ground up, and frankly I look forward to puting together something awesome as opposed to the frankenstein I put together in College from parts found near the dumpster. College Rules@!!!

PC Power will kick ANY Power supply on the market. Buy it no matter what. I have this case and PS, and bought another today. I’m an electrician, trust me. Most are crap, PC Power is the best anyone could make for under $200. Also get yourself an isolator (A 1:1 transformer will be fine too, with a choke…or go nuts and check out Richard Gray’s Power Company and protect your whole house and make your power “better”. )

The case ALONE will make you happy for the $90

You want a single rail… you lose up to 30% of a power supply’s rating with dual rails. A large single 12 volt rail is the best route.



Doesn’t look like a case for me…cheezy.

One super-loooong google link + a couple of tags and PRESTO, you get this exciting text, instead.

Please don’t ever try to build your computer yourself.


Okay guys. Let’s give you the basic jist for things like this.

Sure it’s nice to have a 700W psu topped with a brand name product like Alienware.
But remember folks, what you pay for is what you get in America. Let’s play the cons in this woot. I’ll lay it out nice and simple for you.

Dell bought alienware last year —> dell = crap —> they use cheap parts in their products ----> it breaks easily.
Unknown 700W psu unit —> can be some trash brand ----> you can get a 500W psu that can probably perform better ----> you don’t have a need for a 700W psu.


You want the psu to work at optimal level all the time supplying the same amount of power to each part of your computer in a steady voltage to prevent your computer from breaking down.

I think with that you will have a better view of this product.

Here is the link for the power supply:

I still don’t know the brand name.