Alienware MJ-12 Mid-Tower ATX Case with 700 Watt Power Supply

this is worth it just for the power supply,if i had throw away money i would buy it but i don`t - bought a Dell Core Duo 2 laptop with 1GB DDR2, 80GB HD, WSXGA 15.4" tru-life hi-gloss screen 1440x960 8600GT 256MB video, webcam (no reason) DVD-RW 1 year warranty, free shipping $800 2 months ago.

But only Alienware (Dellianware, my word) has the 64GB solid state harddrives, none of the Dells under $3500 do (yet). Maybe not all in the same warehouse yet :slight_smile:


do you understand the reason for dual-rail???

2 INDEPENDENT 12v rails, otherwise your on the same 12 output and the DO NOT work

it’s kind of like connecting 2 120v lines to the same bus in a breaker box for your A/C, you wont get 220 that way. chirst all mighty

I wish there was some place that had good pictures and reviews of the empty case. It doesn’t look very easy to just find this case on its own

LOL! The reason it’s called the MJ-12… i had no idea till i check’d that out… similar to why they call another case series “Area 51” i guess…

I’ve been a computer technician for a large corproation for the past few years while going to school and I’ve worked on probably two dozen client’s PC’s who’ve had Alienwares… 90% of em from servers to gaming machines had Alienware-made power supplies from what i can remember… and if alienware didn’t make them they were rebranded antec or enermax PSU’s… both extremely reputable PSU manufacturers. And yes DELL BOUGHT ALIENWARE… as far as I can tell, the only thing Dell really got out of that was the right to use the Alienware branded font on their XPS’.

I picked up two of these last time (argh!). The PS in both are Enermax. One has been running my Athlon 64X2 939 board with a 4400 X2, dual 8800GTS SLI, and a total of 6 HDDs, as well as an ATI HDTV card, and nVidia Phys-X card! Has plenty of connectors! The only gripe is the fan noise. The 120mm fans are loud. But a trip to Microcenter solved that. Put in a couple of THermaltake silent 120s and it cut the noise by about 2/3!!!

HP, Dell, Alienware, Voodoo… Blah blah blah

Falcon NW is still independent, and I will never buy another computer from anyone but them.

I have a Mach V and a Talon, both are amazing machines.

I know one reviewer said that the power supply is probably an enermax but I disagree. First, Enermax does not have a 700 watt model They have a 720 Watt model.
Second. the stats on this power supply are
Output – +12V1@13A/18A, +12V2@18A, +12V3@16, +12V4@8, - 12V@0 . 5A, +5VSB@2A

The Enermax is $219 and runs @
+12V3@30A, -12V@0.6A,+5VSB@3A
Here is a link to this product.

A VERY Large difference. Even Woot would not be stupid enough to sell it this cheap.

I’m seriously considering this case… but only a 90-day warranty?

Maybe the USA item is 10 X the price in China because we don’t use child labor, we have unions, we pay much higher wages, our factories must compy with safety and environmental laws, the employers must pay workers’ comp insurance, etc…

You do realize that this PSU will probably explode the second you plug it in, and can only actually deliver 680w at negative 20c on fridays if it doesn’t.

The first PC I put together took me 65 minutes (that’s including taking all the boxes/plastic apart.

Put it together is easy ( easier than Lego) since most cables only go in ONE WAY and wouldn’t go in any other way.

Install Windows is little harder

Install drivers is probably hardest (and trouble shoot)

The first PC I built…It took me hours to figure out why my printer doesn’t work… (I forgot to plug the internal printer port cable to the motherboard) …

But I get paid for $100 for the first one I built (in 1996) …not bad for 4 hours work as a teenager…

This is NOT a good deal for the PSU unless it actually states what the thing is. a solid, well-built, 550W PSU will often provide better power than a junky 700W. Also, majority of peoples machines will never use 700W. When they list the amount of wattage your machine should have in the PSU, that’s max PSU. Real-world figures generally are a lot lower, but the PSU companies have a vested interest in telling you to get a 32-cylinder engine for a Toyota Camri.

i know this may be too much to ask, but could someone who actually OWNS this case pop the thing open, and check how much the MAXIMUM amperage on the COMBINED 12V rails is for the psu in this case?

to clarify, single-rail, dual-rail, quad-rail, none of that matters for crap… what matters is the max combined amperage. most power supplies will explicitly state this on that handy-dandy little side label. either that, or they will state all those fancy and impressive-sounding individual rail amps, and then say something like “maximum combined power on all 12V rails: 360Watts”

either number will suffice to answer my question, so can some kind owner of this case please please please check?


yeah, China rules

Windows is much easier to install than it used to be ever since XP. Most drivers are automatically detected and if they aren’t your motherboard typically comes with a driver CD is anyway. Not sure what the big deal here is? Honestly, I had a lot less trouble on 98/2000 with hardware than with poorly written software or poor OS support for said software. Now most of those issues are largely things of the past.

Seriously considering this for a first build, but the ??? quality power supply has me wary. I might stick with my plan of a 520w corsair with either a Centurion 5 (cheap option) or a P180 (expensive option).

First time building means I’m willing to sacrifice performance for quality so there’s a better chance any system hiccups are my fault, not the part. I want it to go as smooth as possible. :slight_smile:

I was really hoping that someone who bought it last time would post a few pics of the case, or more importantly pics and specs for the power supply + all the connectors. Does it have two PCI-E (6 pin) connectors? So, does it say Enermax on that power supply or Alienware (just made by Enermax) and what’s the model number of it. I’m so tempted to get it just for the power supply.

Silly wOOt… Dell bought Alienware

Some of the MJ-12’s had a 550w Enermax as in the review

I would suspect the 700 is similar in quality even if not the same brand since this was made for the workstation market.