Alienware MJ-12 Mid-Tower ATX Case with 700 Watt Power Supply

It’s called the MJ12 because if you buy this, Michael Jackson will come for your 12-yr old.

I don’t honestly know how you call yourself a technician. Enermax aren’t all that hot in comparison to more reputable brands like Corsair, OCZ, Antec, etc… but even with Antec, it’s not so clearcut. Since most PSU’s really are rebadged something or other, individual models from “Antec” or wherever may vary greatly in quality. Antec Basiq PSU’s are terrible, while Earthwatts are top notch. If you just shop by brand, you’re likely to end up with the cheapest PSU from some company who does make good PSU’s but that particular model is a piece of junk (why it was so cheap) and then you’ll remark that such-and-such company’s quality is declining since you didn’t bother shopping around for a good PSU or at least a good cheap one.

Actually with the right board you can run a hacked version of OSX on it and turn it into a Hackintosh.

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And the point of your post is?

You can forge your own metal and mold your own plastic this cheap? Drop me a line!

It’s called OSX86. Google it if you’re interested. The kernel itself is legal (modification of darwin), but the parts that make it work are not. So be advised on that and if you decide to make sure you get a clean copy. And you should probably check what hardware’s compatable at the site before getting new hardware as it will probably save you a lot of time and headaches, from what I’ve read.

It’s always been my view that hacked kernels are a bad idea though. IMO, you may as well not bother running AV software at all if you’re going to install a hacked OS.

First off, great deal for an Alienware case. However, I think Alienware is still n00bul3r. I got a better looking case for only ten dollars more on 700 watts has also got NOTHIN’ on my kilowatt PSU. Sheesh. Maybe woot! should put summadat! That would be rad. Oh, and SLi SUCKS! Gosh! 8800 GTX only got Quake 4 up to 600 somethin’ fps, whereas my baby, ATi’s 2900 cranked out a massive 1000 fps! EAT CRAP. Intel and ATi is where it’s AT.

I’m not hatin’ on woot!, I just despise Alienware and Nvidia. So, don’t go flamin’ me.

Well, it’s a decent case, but the main point of this sale is the power supply. If the power supply is indeed Enermax 700W that supports SLI (2 6-pin PCI-e connectors), has Active PFC, with good efficiency (>0.80) then you pretty much get the case for free. A quality 700w PS will cost you at least $150, but most likely >$200. Plus, shipping would cost you an additional $15-20.

Give me your details, i’d love for you to make up my own creation.

Isn’t this kinda like buying the gutted chassis of a Jaguar (with an alternator)?

I don’t know why people are knocking both Dell and Alienware. They serve their niche and are obviously both very successfu l companies and have sold many, many more computers than anyone here that have never had a problem. Thing is, when you sell that many PCs, the 0.1% or whatever that have problems is much higher proportionally, so people hear a lot of complaints. I think they serve their purpose. I set up Dells for my parents and grandparents. If you want a decent PC to surf the internet, send email and print digital pictures of the kids, get a Dell (or a Toyota camry). Anything more than that, though, and you are better off going custom/DIY if not only for that fact that you’ll have better basic knowledge for troubleshooting later on. Anyway, since when does the case matter anyway? As long as its big and has vents in the front and back, it’ll work. Now, for some unknown-brand 700 watt PSU, that’s a whole different matter . . .

I was hoping for a woot-off on my Birthday! Oh well =)

gnite woot.

you are still not getting it. My analogy was succinct enough I thought, but I will try again. For SLI (dual video cards) they MUST be on two isolated 12v sources, hence the DUAL RAIL

no matter your quantitative analysis of dual rail efficiency over single rail

Too many words. Some are confused as it’s a Saturday night.
Alienware was good. Dell is not. XPS Heh.

Sorry, but the other guy is right and you are the one who is clueless.

The only reason to go with a split rail design is from a price/performance standpoint.

Split rail is not referring to having two independant cables, but having two independant 12V sources supplying the cables.

The issue is how much CURRENT can actually be supplied by any given 12V rail – with 18A being the typical amount per rail on many supplies. The problem with a split rail design is that you end up with half of your 12V power on one rail and half on another – typically with one going to a video card only and the other going to the motherboard, the PCI-E slot, and whatever else requires 12V (like the drives).

The end result is that if you have a video card that actually needs say, 20A, across the connectors, then you are out of luck – even if there may be 10A unused on the other rail that it can’t get to.

The reason people build split rail designs is simply because they are CHEAPER and EASIER to build – not that they are better. The BEST supplies are ones like PC P&C make that have single 12V rail that can supply ALL of the current as needed. It may go over multiple PCI-E cables (which ARE typically current limited, simply to prevent overloading the wires) but the power all originates from a single 12V switching supply. With a single 12V rail, you never end up with a situation where you have part of your power budget “lost” because your device can’t get to it.

I agree. You have to manually install updates after they have been massaged to not break your hacked OS. If you want to try out a mac, get a mini for cheap or even a used G4 (about a 100 bucks on ebay).

In a moment of stupidity I actually bought this case (running my new dual core system on it now). I’m not very impressed. The power supply sells on ebay for under 20 buck and the fans are all noisy and need to be replaced. You can do better.

They do NOT have to be on two 12V sources – they have two 12V PCI-E cables but they CAN both originate from the same source. The ONLY requirement is that that source can provide the proper amount of current to BOTH video cards stably without ripple and that it can respond to changes in load quickly enough to stay within regulation – which is to say BIG FAT CAPACITORS.

Yes, each video card should have an independant 12V PCI-E cable – this has NOTHING to do with whether or not the supply is split-rail or not!!!

ah i wasn’t going to use this psu anyway, i ordered a pc power and cooling 610 watt, i will keep this 700 as a backup. i’ve been having a hard time finding a case that will fit 8800gtx’s for under ~150 ish so that alone would be the reason i’d get this case. i could care less that it’s alienware or not. in fact i’d rather not have an alienware product.

Thanks for the pictures, they do equal thousands of words. do you not have the hot swap drive module? I’m not sure it is included, it is listed as optional but listed like it is an included option. I’m so confused

Fark the power supply.I bought a shitty case that has the most crappiest airflow i’ve ever seen for this much. I’d buy this WITHOUT the power supply

OMG are you kitchme or digme? make up your mind. and another thing, who in the hell building a pc would put all the components in a configuration that would kill the P/S, << read the manual for crying out loud… but stop saying a heavy duty single rail will work for SLI…