Alienware TactX Wired Gaming Keyboard

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Alienware TactX Wired Gaming Keyboard
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4.6 Stars over at Amazon

I have this keyboard collecting dust in the closet. Was awesome for my Alienware running Windows 7 Now I run Windows 10 and can’t use it on my new Dell. Loved how it lit up different colors.

What makes this premium? Looks like a cheapo silicone keyboard with fancy lights.

Why can’t you use this with Windows 10? I’m confused as to why this wouldn’t be compatible with Windows 7-10.

Hilarious how you say a keyboard won’t work with Windows 10, but give no justification to such a bogus claim.
Actually, you don’t like something about windows 10 and spew spam every/anywhere you can do discredit the OS when what you should be doing here is commenting on the product not an OS. So Please, Do tell, lol, why a keyboard breaks on win 10. /rant

Could not help myself, but I see your name is ‘MacsGems’ Macintosh Gemstones… I get it now. Apple Lover.

I’ll let you know when we get ours if it works with Windows 10. My kids built a gaming computer for Christmas using Windows 10. Everything we already had was usable on our old setup with no issues when we downloaded it, so I don’t see why this wouldn’t work.

I’ve been using this keyboard for years. It’s been around a very long time. I’m not sure why it wouldn’t work with windows 10, it may be the drivers. This one has a lock out key for the windows key,sort of a gaming mode feature so you don’t accidentally hit it and throw you out of a game. I’m not a gamer but my kid is. There are macro keys but I don’t use those either. In order to use the keyboard you need to install two programs that have the drivers. It’s not very clearly spelled out, you need to install the command center first then the TactX. this is what the install notes say:
The Alienware TactX CI installation package includes the following items

  • Microsoft .NET 3.5 with sp1 (installed if not present, but is preinstalled at factory).
  • Alienware Command Center
  • Alienware TactX Keyboard CI
  • Alienware TactX Mouse CI (you don’t need this obviously you only have the keyboard)

The Front End Setup application is an application launcher that can chain installations (not uninstallation) together. It has the capability to also launch an application at the end of the chaining process. FESetup has the ability to run in silent mode as well. Please refer to the Alienware TactX CI Command Line Documentation.rtf file for details.

For more detailed information about Front End Setup, please refer to the Alienware TactX CI Installer SWS doc file.


you can get the drivers here:

I don’t remember if they come with the keyboard or not.

I like the keyboard a lot, it had what I would call quite keys.

Anyway hope that helps.

I did some looking up on this. It appears the drivers only go up to Win 7 support (older model keyboard). Though, Dell’s official support says it works with 8.1 also (as of Jan 2015, the last time the driver’s software was updated).

Now… the keyboard will most likely work as a normal keyboard.

But, it also has programmable macro keys and programmable colored lights that need software control.

After some deeper digging it appears you must run the newer Alienware Command Center (which only comes installed on an Alienware, and doesn’t appear to be easily obtainable outside of that).

Apparently the command center (again, only from what I found on forum posts) let one user use the macro keys with Win10. But did not appear to have full control or any control over the lighting.

I did find this post on a dell community forum as of Dec 2015, so current info:

I´m not sure if you´re still interested because your post was a while ago. But I got my Tactx keyboard today and had the same problem. The original CD just installed the driver but not the comand center. I did a lot of google search. Alll Drivers and software from the Dell website cannot be installed on non Alienware PCs because the message not compatible. In the end I browsed the original CD and found a folder named AWCC or so. It includes a folder named 2.0 and 2.8. I installed the version 2.0 manually and after that I could change colors, because the command center was installed. For some reason the installer does not include the command center, but just the driver.

Hopefully that helps.

So, for the OP that was hating on it not working on Win10… he’s actually correct. The keyboard may function as a plain old keyboard, but the rest of the features don’t appear to have any Win 10 support via Dell.

This is a crappy rubber dome keyboard with some lights and an odd shape to make you think it’s good. Don’t waste your money on rubber dome, get a mechanical keyboard. It will feel better and last forever.

I got a corsair mechanical keyboard for Christmas this year, the cherry red keys. I didn’t like it and gave it to my kid. I went back to this keyboard. Personal preference. The keys are plastic there are no rubberized areas anywhere. I’ve been using this one for 8+ years with no issue.

The rubber domes are beneath the keys and constitute the mechanism by which the keyboard recognizes key presses.



Apparently the command center (again, only from what I found on forum posts) let one user use the macro keys with Win10. But did not appear to have full control or any control over the lighting.

That’s because they did not install both parts of the program like I’ve mentioned above. First you need to install the command center, that gives you the drivers and macro capability. Next you need to install the Alienware TactX Keyboard CI app, that gives you control over the colors and lighting.

After the file is downloaded and unzipped you will see a subdirectory called “CD” In there will be the EXE file for both of those programs. I’m doing this from memory it’s not right on front of me at the moment. I just had to reinstall the programs for this keyboard because I got a new one and uninstalled all the alienware stuff but later went back to it. This is for Windows 7 though.

I see yes that makes sense, this is a quiet keyboard compared to the mechanical one I was using. But like I’ve said for me this has held up very nicely and I use it a lot across 3 PC’s now over the years.

I agree the mechanical keyboard I had was nice (Cosair) it also cost 130 bucks and for me I didn’t like the key action and feel. I guess I’m too use to this one having used it for so long.

Justification, bogus, discredit and spew? The software that controls all the pwnage lights and 1337 macros probably doesn’t work with 10. It’s not a conspiracy against 10, Alienware just decided to stop supporting the keyboard. You can now return to being a fanboy.

sounds like the headaches makes it a deal breaker.
or as i like to say occasionally…too complicated for my simple mind
aka not worth the hassle

Hey all, we’ve done some research ourselves and can’t verify Windows 10 updated drivers. It will absolutely work as a keyboard, just not sure about all the features.

We’ve added this note to the sale:

Note: Not all features are guaranteed to work with Windows 10 at this time.