Alienware TactX Wired Gaming Keyboard

I’m using this keyboard right now with Win 10. I haven’t changed the colors, but works fine. I got this for my old, old Alienware puter that just died. Has held up fine and is a very well made keyboard. On the other hand my Tactx mouse I got at the same time died awhile back.

Yes, this. Absolutely. Mechanical keyboards rule.

I use a Model M, but gamers would probably want something with Cherry switches.

I am gonna be 100% honest, I bought it entirely for the opportunity to cause an explosion somewhere in Greenland.

Nah, I was in the market for a cheap back lit keyboard for my dad anyway, and it was most likely going to be some cheap-o Chinese off brand that nobody heard of, then I happened upon this. I would imagine for what little he writes, a keyboard made for gaming should last him forever and an eternity. We shall see.

It’d be a stretch to say this keyboard is “made for gaming.”

“Made to appeal to gamers” is probably more accurate. No non-mechanical keyboard will ever be considered a gaming keyboard by actual gamers.

Matter of preference
If I had a keyboard that makes as much noise as the quietest of mechanical keyboards then I would throw it very hard against a brick wall.

Sooooooooooo very loud.

I don’t play a lot of games, but I figure that will be sufficient. After being reminded this week how great a model M is (I ran into someone using one), I think I’m going to order a Unicomp. They use the same buckling spring technology. The case is plastic and lighter, but the keys are the same.

I’ve looked at getting a Cherry MX keyboard, but I think I’d be happier with a tank made in the US.

No mechanical - no deal.

Nice price tho - :slight_smile:

I’m gonna get so much flak about this, but here goes.

I have both a mechanical keyboard (Cherry Blue) and an old fashion Acer rubber dome. I have to say sometimes I like the rubber dome especially when coding and typing. My error rate jumps when I use my Cherry Blue for that. Maybe because I’m just so used to typing on rubber and bottoming out on almost every keystroke. (I’m a not a fast typist but I type blind with all my fingers)

There are higher end rubber dome out there (esp. the ones from Japan) that feels similar to Cherry Red/Brown out there. They don’t weight as much as a mechanical and cost slightly less. Plus they are more water resistance than mechanical. (a small spill of coffee on my cherry blue shorted out some of the switches… Good thing they recovered some how. I spilled some many things onto my Acer: the bottom of the keys are stained with coke)

In the end it’s just personal preference. But don’t just go bash rubber domes here because most of them are mushy.

Same here, when I switched to the mechanical keyboard (cherry red) I was making a ton of errors for some reason, it was frustrating. I tried it for a week. I’m a pretty fast touch typist. Like you said it’s a personal preference and for me what I’m use to. I can say that this keyboard (I’m using the same one that’s for sale) has held up very well. I mostly just wanted something that lights up and has the multimedia controls . For the price I don’t think you’d find much better.

I have two Unicomps and two restored IBM Model Ms. They’re all good, but the quality on the original IBMs is better - keys are more consistent-looking, materials are higher grade. The key feel is very close, though.

When I switched back to a mechanical board (Cherry Browns, at the time) after using rubberdomes for a long time, I had that same problem for the first week or so. Eventually I realized that it was because the mechanical keys were so much faster than the rubberdome keys. Apparently I had unconsciously come to expect the tiny delay of the dome popping the keycap back up. Once I got accustomed to it, my typing speed increased, and when I switched from that to the Model M, my speed increased again. But it took some getting used to.

I’m pretty sure there were pro PC gamers long before mechanical keyboards were ever thought up. Either way, I’d still much prefer spending $40 on one of these vice $25-$30 on some chinese no-name brand with untranslated instructions.

I just got mine and all is good except for the non-functional Enter key on the numerical pad…

So happy I purchased this! I have been wanting to purchase a decent gaming keyboard but have been hesitant on dropping over $80 for a keyboard. A buddy of mine at work sent me this lick and I couldn’t resist. Works great!

Note: You do need to install the drivers/software which the latest is available on Dell’s site. It also ships with the CD.

I purchased this keyboard and installed it on an HP computer running Windows 7, 64-bit. When using the “TactX Keyboard CI” software, I can control keyboard macros and profiles, but not colors.

To change colors, I need to use a separate program, “AlienWare AlienFX”. This software is also on the CD, under a “2a-AWCC” subdirectory (you may need to install it separately).

Both icons are running in my System Tray (under the “Show Hidden Icons” up-arrow). Use the right program for what you want to change (macros or colors).

This wasn’t as obvious as it should have been. :slight_smile:

Eh. I got a few and one has multiple dead keys scattered over the keyboard. Dud.