Ality Moderna 8” Digital Picture Frame – Aluminum Woot Info Post
you could’ve used!

Ality Moderna 8” Digital Picture Frame – Aluminum [New] - $34.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Ality AL-MP8AL Moderna 8” Digital Picture Frame – Aluminum

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Huuuuuge bezel!

Oy vey.

wow, that is quite a small screen for such a large frame

Less things that I won’t buy, and more micro-sd cards for my phone!

Just when I come back, I’m framed.


I come from the planet Munimula, which is Aluminum spelled backwards!

Can I use this to beat a home intruder to death?

** : | **

Good resolution…but 8 is never enough.

JUDY-ism…the Only religion I need!
WWJD…What Would JUDY Do?!

I can totally integrate this frame into my Aluminum siding

All the bezel to see you, mah friend!

Ok this is nice but I already have it. These really are great gifts for grandparents send a new loaded sd every now and then it keeps them happy.What I need is phones and a mouse I missed the ones earlier.

That Bag of Carp deal blows monkey nuts. Who are they trying to kid? This whole woot-off is supposed to generate excitement abut the “Bag,” but if virtually nobody can get one then the payoff is weak and unattainable by the mass horde of wooters. I am done with and I hope you all will join me. The deals here are not so great that the world is going to stop and take notice. Most of this stuff is junk or refurbished garbage with short term warranty coverage. Join me and STOP WOOTING!

P.S. Another picture frame…what a surprise. Just proves my point.

no thanks :-/

At least Olympic curling is generating some excitement today.

Are you kidding me??? It seems everytime I’ve checked into the woot off it’s a picture frame. The only thing I wanted was the mini monkeys, and they FLEW!! Think I may give up on w00t 0ffs forever. :frowning:

Weren’t they selling these yesterday?