Ality Moderna 8” Digital Picture Frame – Iron Wood

A frame of Iron Wood


That wood be a great gift.

Nudder frame.

no hippos?

if you missed the first one (HA) have another!

what is with these picture frames? Why so many?? Who buys them or uses them???

Another picture frame?

Colonel Mustard, with the Iron Wood Digital Picture Frame, in the kitchen.

Seriously, that thing is massive.

digital picture frame?
does anyone even use these?

Man, too bad I already bought the last 8" digital picture frame…

my sleeping pills are kicking in - probably a good thing.

That’s about all the picture frames I can take.

Good night.

Is it just me or does the viewable area on this look like it’s about a 5" screen?

I want the inventor of the digital picture frames beheaded at once!!!

Another digital frame? Come on Woot…


Hence they are on Woot. Please, look at the first buyer, South Dakota…

iron, wood?

which is it?