Alkaline Batteries

WTTW: The Kodak Max 9v batteries are approximately 2mm taller and wider than Duracell/Energizer 9v cells. This makes them TOO BIG for many Acoustic guitars with pickup/pre-amp systems. Taylor is one brand that is definitely affected.

Amazon has Duracell Procell 12-pk for 17.70. With free shipping they come out to be cheaper and ship faster than the 12-pk Kodak 9V batteries.

Okay so what’s the deal here? I just bought these on March 11th on Tech Woot plus. They just arrived today at my house. They are the Kodak XTRALIFE not the MAX. Now, they are on the regular Tech Woot today, but which ones will you really get? I have bought the MAX ones before and don’t really have any complaints. Anyone know which is better, is one more for high drain than low drain electronics? WOOT YOU SENT ME THE WRONG CRAP! Now what are you going to do about it?

I just posted this on the Tech Woot sale of these today.

Anyone else get the wrong ones too? All of mine are the XTRALIFE.

I finally found some information comparing the two types. It appears the MAX are better, so now I am not very happy.

I replied to your other post, but again, apologies for the trouble. CS can help sort things out.

Is anyone else’s batteries stalled at FedEx in Maryland? The last time I ordered these the same thing happened. Was told at that time it was due to bad weather and the Christmas rush, but it has happened again. Any news?

Go ahead and give it another day or two to see if it updates. FedEx Home doesn’t do much on Mondays. Lucky peeps.

Holy m’f’n crap! These are, by far, the worst f’n batteries ever. 1.5 days in my TV remote. Thanks for screwing me