All Aboard

Congrats on the print! One of my favorites from the last derby. Soothing yet disturbing.

Such good artwork! Well done LetterQ!

… for it is the last thing you will ever see. You will be absorbed into the phantom worlds that sprout from Dog’s back, and you will be lucky. All you are and ever were will be shredded into a million pieces and sprinkled like dirty snow across the ever increasing phantom worlds, and you will call this luck.

For everything else, everything and everyone not blessed to be able to gaze upon Dog’s magnificence shall be utterly consumed. Whole planets of living and dead have been eaten; and of them, nothing remains.

But some small part of you will survive eternally in the phantom worlds. Only a small part, but you will be lucky that much remains.

Oh wait, the whole thing’s just an allegory for imagination. Never mind.

Congrats Letter Q! I thought we’d see this soon when I didn’t see it in the side-sale. A very whimsical (and non-dystopian) design.

I knew it!!!
totally awesome artwork :slight_smile:
congrats LetterQ

Thanx a lot everyone! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

My cats told me to buy this shirt, so that is what I am doing!

Congratulations! A fun design!

Congrats Q! Fun design.

Awesome design! I’m all aboard with an order as an owner for 2 doxies!

Yes! I thought this would get the daily EC. A most deserving choice - love it!