All Bark, No Bite

I sense shades of Amazon in this shirt.

I like the concept and the colors, but I’m somewhat confused as to the other animals in the design.

Definitely the most interesting take I’ve seen on the three-wolf moon shirt yet. I love the intricate texturing on the flora and fauna.

Wow, this is really clever. The texture on the logs are amazing.

This is the greatest and best shirt in the world … tribute.

Oh, three wolves.


Not sure I wood wear this.

Sorry, not in a meme mood but the wood texturing makes the wolves seem very real.

One man wolf pack

Is that the Timber Wolves?

A tree wolf moon shirt!

This is really going to show off the guns. I know this shirt comes with a three chick guarantee, that’s why it’s three wolves. Anyone getting this shirt will automatically become the hottest guy in walmart and clearly irresistible to women. Make sure you order a size to cover your entire girth!

Is it bad that after first seeing the wolves, etc, I then thought it was rather sexually suggestive? I clearly see a male and female situation going on there… =D

For those who don’t know the three wolf moon shirt: Original amazon review

I am confused by the additional animals as well. They are a distraction to an otherwise compelling design.

I know other people aren’t digging the other animals that crop up in this design, but for me, designs like this make them all the more fun.

Plus, when some one points out something you may have missed on the shirt, you get to share the joy of that discovery together…

Or use it as a pick up line, if that’s your thing.

230+ days ago, when this first made its presence known on the internet, it was in fact titled “Timber Wolves” so yes :slight_smile:

I am a fan of bringing images to life with details. It wouldn’t feel like a real forest to me without other life teaming around the wooden wolves. Artistically, for me, the creatures serve a couple purposes. The first is to fill empty space. The second is to create a contrast between the wooden, stiff wolves and the other, softer, lively animals. To each his or her own, of course, but that was my thought process when I added them.

So the butts of these animals are woodwind instruments?

-ducks inevitable rotten tomato-