All-Clad Accoutrements

All-Clad are amazing pots, and these are ridiculously great prices!!!

All Clad is great stuff… unless it was made in China.

A couple years ago, I bought a stock pot that was not made in China (as opposed to USA), and it did not last. In fact, I only used it on a heated coil stove for one evening, heat never going above 80%, and the bottom developed 10+ pits. Stay far away from the cheap stuff, because it really is cheap.

why does woot bother with putting ONE unit up for sale (the 2 quart pan at least)? it’s BS

Honestly - is there some actual logic here or is all part of the lure to the mothership that woot has become?

As an ex-chef, I gotta say I’d never buy anything Emeril (or Rachel Ray for that matter) Have never found them to be of good quality. Chowhound had a thread on the differences,but think about it: what compromises are made to sell a whole set for less than what one pan sells for? If it sounds too good to be true…

Leftover inventory from previous sales. Don’t those pans deserve a forever home too?

I ordered one as soon as the sale started. My order went through and I PAID for it. I checked the page MUCH LATER IN THE DAY, and the item had NOT sold out. Days later I got a message saying they weren’t sending the pot.

What is the deal ? The 7 quart stock pots are still for sale on Amazon.

I REALLY think Woot owes me this pot, it isn’t right. I am a great customer to Woot AND to Amazon.

PLEASE make good on this sale. I don’t understand what went “wrong”.
Grab one of these from Amazon or something, this just isn’t right.

I did my part, please do yours. This isn’t cool.

It would be one thing if the item sold out and I missed it, but, as I said, I ordered it at the beginning, and HOURS later they were still in stock according to your site.

You can’t SELL someone something, CHARGE them, and then take it back days later.

Posted the previous comment TWO DAYS AGO and still no response. This happens all the time to me.

COME ONE WOOT, will you please respond and will you please honor the sale ?

As I said, I ordered it early-on, and it still wasn’t listed as SOLD OUT hours and hours later, so I don’t buy the excuse they gave me by telling me I was at the bottom on the list.

How can you OVERSELL something anyway ? It just isn’t fair. I really wish you would do the right thing and send me the 7-quart All-Clad stock pot.


RaisinROM: I’m sorry for the late response. I looked at your order and it does state oversold. Unfortunately, I don’t have an explanation as to how it happened. It was fulfilled out of an Amazon warehouse (our inventory) and I don’t have insight on the order in which the pull/fill orders.

I’m very sorry. :frowning:

Hey TT: Thanks for the response. As I said, I PLACED the order VERY EARLY ON, and then checked MUCH LATER in the afternoon and saw that it STILL wasn’t sold out. Sooooooooo, neither one of us knows how it happened. Mistakes happen, that’s fine, but it WOULD BE NICE if Amazon/Woot would look into it and send me a pot, a consolation for their screw up.

Is it possible for you to pass along my information and make it happen ?

Please ?

fwiw, i have a porcelain enamel rachel ray set that i used every day on an electric range and it worked beautifully. then we lost 95% of our stuff and our apartment to a nine alarm fire. these pans survived and even cleaned up great except for a little discoloration on the handles. been using them in our new place on a gas range and they’re still just as good.

sure, they’re not the best pans on earth, but they are a nice looking high quality set worth the money. perfect for the average home cook and i like the oval shape.

But in this case, it is true. I also avoid celebrity chef branded stuff, but as a pro cook-in-training (but been cooking at a gourmet level for several years now) I researched this extensively before purchasing a set of Emiril cookware. It really is very high-quality All-Clad cookware. My set is now ~7 years old and going strong.

I guess you’re paying for the name. By branding it with Emiril, they had to drop the price significantly.

The auction is SOLD OUT, but FWIW, I am a pro chef and have been using All-Clad for years. When Emeril came out, I bought a small sauce pan to try it out.

Emeril is NO WHERE NEAR the quality of “regular” All-Clad, to start, it is HALF the weight. I also believe it is manufactured in China, not in PA, USA. It does not hold up like the REAL All-Clad, which, imo, is THE BEST, and I’ve tried them all.

List of complaints on Consumer Affairs website

I’m sorry. There’s nothing I can do. It appears that we sold out and the orders were filled in some odd order that only Amazon computers understand.

We are an independent subsidiary of Amazon. We do not have access to their inventory. You can email