All-Clad Master Chef 2 Tri-Ply 7-Pc Set

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All-Clad Master Chef 2 Tri-Ply 7-Pc Set
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10/28/2015 - $249.99 (Woot Plus)

Be aware, these have some great reviews, but as the description says, the exterior is Aluminum and cannot be used on induction cooktops.

(from the Features TAB)
•Stick-resistant stainless steel interior
•Aluminum core for even, rapid heating
•Attractive brushed-aluminum exterior
•Riveted; stay-cool stainless steel handles
•Compatible with all cooktops except induction

Informative and Props to All-Clad.

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I have All-Clad cookware. They really are fantastic. They heat evenly and without burning the food. The handles stay cool. They hang by the handle and the lids HANG ON THE HANDLE when hanging the pot. One lid fits many pans. They are durable. Don’t warp. Clean up easily. Remain fabulous looking.
This is a superb set, and makes a great gift for non-induction cooking.

big All-Clad Warehouse sale 12/4 and 12/5

The aluminum exterior means it should not be considered dishwasher safe. I cannot imagine it would cause a problem other than cosmetic, but if you want these pans to look as pretty as they are in the picture, hand wash only.

All-Clad definitely recommends that MC2 cookware (which is what these are) never be put in the dishwasher.

All-Clad does make the best stuff, however I would pass on this specific set. An 8" fry pan is wholly inadequate, and the All-Clad one is functionally smaller than the other 8" fry pans I have. About all you can cook in it is a two egg omelet, a single burger or smaller steak, or a side of veggies.

Conversely the 3Qt saute pan is too large for most practical use with a very large surface area. If they had included a 3Qt SAUCE POT and a 12" fry pan this would have been a steal of a deal. As it is, it’s only fair because the two pieces you’ll actually use (1.5Qt sauce pot & 8Qt stock pot) are pretty much at MSRP taking out the other two items.

Oh and if you want the 12" fry pan individually, to add to this set I think it’s around $120. 3Qt stock pot is probably slightly more because it has a lid.

I have a slightly different opinion. I used to have a 12 inch fry pan, but gave it away. We use a 10 inch fry pan (not all clad, though) and have a larger (11 inch diameter by about 2 inches deep, not sure what that comes out to be in quarts) All Clad saute pan. The 8 inch fry pan is too small for a family of four (we also had those and got rid of them). To me, the 10 inch is the best size, as we’re mainly cooking eggs in it anyway (though stainless and eggs don’t get along; we’re using a non-stick surface). For the saute pan, I think 3 quarts is a good size, and larger would be even better. When you’re talking saute, you can use a larger pan with no problems, but you can’t make a too-small saute pan larger.

I personally think this is a good starter set, especially for a single person or couple.

For $30 more you can get actual stainless steel and 2 more pieces. The set at the link is also compatible with induction, should that be a priority for you.

All-Clad is great - the classic, stainless, made-in-America All-Clad. This is not that. This is not worth the price, imo, and they’re trading sub-par product using the name. Any “All-Clad” set that has a co-branding, like the Emeril and the Master Chef, is usually made in China and is not the same quality or craftsmanship of classic All-Clad. The lines are very different. Don’t be fooled by the name. The good stuff is all made in America. You can absolutely get better stuff for the same price.

[MOD: This All-Clad set is USA Made.]

I guess we can agree to disagree on personal cooking hardware preference. For me I use a 12" frypan the most out of anything in my kitchen, I don’t have to crowd the food when browning, the flaired sides are much better for getting access to food for flipping and actual sautéing than the straight sides of an actual sauté pan–like the one offered here.

I suppose we both agree than the 8" fry pan is essentially useless expect for the few things I mention above. A 10" would be an improvement, but I’d still opt for a 12".

But again All-Clad is pretty much the best cookware you can buy, don’t take my word for it, listen to America’s Test Kitchen.

Thanks for the heads-up and good to know. I was not aware of that, I just have the standard All-Clad pieces that are not co-branded. That makes it even a worse deal IMO.

A much more practical set, and not bad value. However made in China.

Hey all! There seems to be some debate on where this set is made.

This is All-Clad, made in the USA.

Here’s the product page confirming that it’s made in the USA.

Here we go again. Woot! puts an All-Clad set up for sale. I get excited. I read the description: “Works on Every Conceivable Cooking Surface. Except What You Have!”
Well played, Woot. Well played. Thanksgiving will once again be a time of bitter tears and disappointment.

THANKS … can’t believe the set here is “except induction”

Hey… this is NOT All-Clad its their own Sur La Table

i take it back