All-Clad Master Chef 2 Tri-Ply 7-Pc Set

This is a fantastic deal!!!

My husband and I received this same basic All-Clad set as a wedding gift 21 years ago. They are awesome pots and pans. I will not ever need another set.

Thanks for this info - for a second I was about to cancel this order, but I’m going to go with it. Amazon reviews are very good, aside from people complaining about needing to make an effort to take better care of high-quality pans.

This set is absolutely worth it. My wife and I received the larger version of this set, which included a 4qt sauce, 10" fry, and we wound up receiving an extra 1.5qt sauce/lid. All for about 3x this price.

This cookware holds up incredibly well, though aluminum isn’t as pretty but you get over that–it really only looks bad on the flamey part anyway. I personally would never use or consider induction, so that doesn’t bother me, but others feel differently I know. And I would never put my pots into a dishwasher anyway, so that too is no issue.

The set listed here is perfect for a single/couple/+1, and the 8" fry is useful when cooking a bigger meal (frying mushrooms for your steak & `taters, for example). I’d add a 10" fry (or one regular and one nonstick) and look for a larger stock pot for big batches of stew, etc.

I have built a set of all stainless (inside and out) a piece at a time from various sales, especially the all-clad 'seconds’sale they periodically run. No defects I can see. Anything burnt on usually scrunges off easily, then put in dishwasher, comes out beautiful. I would not build a cookware set intended to last multiple lifetimes that was not totally dishwasher safe, just to save a few bucks. Performance-wise this stuff is the bomb, but do you want to be hand washing it 30 years from now? Also hand dry or it will likely get water spots. If you really don’t care about the dishwasher part, buy this. Otherwise: Go to all-clad site and sign up for emails, and buy the sales.

That would be my advice, it’s free and worth every penny.

Great point…buyer beware, these are small. Seems intentionally deceptive to me, since they don’t show anything for scale.

How does this set compare to this one at Costco?