All-Clad Master Chef Tri-Ply 7-Pc Set

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Probably everyone who likes to cook is aware of All-Clad’s well deserved reputation for making some of the best tri-ply clad cookware available. But they are also usually aware of how expensive it is. Many of All-Clad’s “individual” pans can sell for the price of this set so this looks to be an outstanding buy. This is not All-Clad’s best quality line but All-Clad would never sully their sterling reputation by producing anything but top-quality goods. So even their second best line is better than most manufacturers best. Though having said that buyers should be aware these pans are NOT for use with induction cooktops and are not dishwasher safe. For anyone wanting a top of the line quality set of tri-ply that rivals All-Clads top line ware but not All-Clads pricing, look into Tramontina sold at WalMart. It’s tough to beat.

Woot, you may want to change the product name on the heading of the top page to show it is MC2 cookware and not Master Chef because Master Chef was/is (I don’t know if it’s still sold) a higher line of cookware. You do show this is the MC2 line of cookware on the product page.

IS this truly th brand ALL-Clad last time it had the same and I bought it only to find out that it was Emeril Lagasse brand…

Yes, this is the non-co-branded stuff.

My sister in-law and her husband have this line and it’s just as good as the stainless steel stuff that my spouse and I have, just a different outside.
This is a great deal. It helps to have a nice stove that puts out reasonable BTUs, but it will be fine if you just make sure to preheat sufficiently (and you certainly can with these, without worrying about disfiguring them).

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Is there any way to find out where these were manufactured?

One of the wonderful things about All Clad is that it is made in the us, as opposed to Tramontina, which is not.

Not induction ready? Seriously? How hard is it to use a piece of 18-0 stainless on the bottom instead of 18-10?

EDIT: I just realized it’s Al on the outside, not stainless at all. Very odd. It still ought to be induction ready.

This is true All-Clad made in the USA, not the Emeril line.

Did somebody say ‘not dishwasher safe’? WHAAAAT

How can stainless cookware not be dishwasher safe?

The exterior is aluminum, these were the original All-Clad. I’ve had them for years and you CAN put them in the dishwasher, it just dulls the aluminum exterior, it does NOT HURT the pot itself. I believe it’s due to the chlorine in the dish detergent.

Aluminum gets dull over time anyway, but you CAN scrub it back to it’s original finish with steel wool.

The pots are awesome and the price is incredible.

I believe these are the original All-Clad, AWESOME equipment. I am quite sure they were manufactured BEFORE induction caught on.

I have 2 All-Clad Copper cores I love.

Bought the Emeril set last tme (steel-aluminum,-steel) and it is very nice to cook with.

If it was me I would pass on this steel-aluminum-aluminum set and consider the Emerils. They are a great value (yeah I know they’re different but I’m not Bill-Gates-rich ya’ know?)

According to their website Tramontina is made in the US. Is that not right or only certain lines.

Absolutely right. These are older too and there is a newer version. They are not the best model.

“Be aware that there are several different grades of all-clad cookware. The ‘Master Chef 2’ series has a stainless steel interior and handles, but a brushed aluminum exterior. More expensive all-clad pots and pans have a stainless steel exterior. These pots cannot be washed in the dishwasher, if you do the aluminum exterior oxidizes and is rather unattractive. My mistake for not reading the description thoroughly, the information is there. Why All Clad makes pans with aluminum exteriors, is beyond me. Spend the extra money and get the stainless interior and exterior.” Amazon review

I don’t put mine in the dishwasher anyway for two reasons: first, because they’re big, and take up a lot of space that I’d rather fill with smaller stuff; and second, because they don’t get as clean–when I run stainless pots through the dishwasher, they always end up with cloudy residue on the cooking surface. So I just scrub them by hand–it doesn’t take that long. And these do clean up beautifully even if you burn food/oil on them; a good scrub and they’re bright and shiny again.

The Tramontina line as well as the Costco line are great for induction cooktops. We have been using the Costco since we got our Bosch inductive cooktop and we are very satisfied with the high quality built. If not, Costco offers easy returns.

The ones I saw at Walmart were made in Brazil. This was a few years ago when we got our Bosch induction cooktop and were shopping
for cookware. We settled for the Costco, very well made, but made in Thailand.

It always tweaks my tweezers when they advertise these sets as SEVEN PIECE! and count the lids.

Seriously, you only get half that number of actual functional cookware pieces. Is it that hard to say FOUR PIECE (plus covers for some of them)?

Fscking marketers…

(yah, yah, whine whine whine…)