All-Clad Stainless Electric Grill/Griddle

All-Clad Stainless Electric Grill/Griddle
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Some good reviews (3.6 out of 5.0) over at amazon and check out the product page

Reviews from Williams Sonoma

Okay… probably a stupid question, but is this something for a countertop that goes into a normal outlet? Or is this more like a… cooktop? Basically, does it need a 240v outlet?

It’s just hard to tell from that single picture with nothing for scale!

It plugs into a standard outlet.

Thanks. After seeing on the Williams Sonoma page that it’s only about two bacon strips wide (and on a counter), I got that feeling.

Bought one when it first came out, had just a grill, I love it it was $399 then so this is great bargain.

Any truth to the few reviews saying that it takes forever to get up to temperature (and therefore difficult to sear on)?

Come on guys… This thing is all over the internet at $299.00 list price… Half price is a good deal… you need not exaggerate!!!

$299.99 Bed Bath & Beyond
$299.95 Williams-Sonoma
$299.95 Abt Electronics & Appliances

Nice Review over at Sur La Table

Much cheaper than on the Mother Ship, and all clad makes very high quality kitchen ware (pots, utensils). I love allclad!!!

This deal is hella good…woop is really cooking today!

I have a question please Folks…

I see the grease splatter shields that All Clad provides, but are they worthwhile please? If you are cooking something like the bacon as pictured does the surrounding counter tops take a hit or a “greasing” please?

Can someone in the know provide any other known “negatives” please and thanks!

When I cook bacon, I make it in the oven instead. All the bacon deliciousness, none of the splatter. I highly recommend looking into it. I have used other electric cooktops like this for other cooking and I would expect splatter with bacon for sure, especially as the grease builds up from more bacon.

Mmmmm… bacon.

Ok thanks for your reply.

Nix the bacon idea, but how about other foods/meats…maybe frying not so terribly fat meats such as hamburger, chops, marbled steaks, etc and so on - are the All Clad grease guards efficient enough (or high enough) to keep maybe the “majority” of grease contained? Would really like to hear from someone or folks that have this particular product if possible. I may buy one regardless of answer/s but just kind of want to be forwarned.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Yes,it does plug in and is for a counter top.

Hmmmm…a girlfriend of years ago cursed my purchases of this kind of thing with the question, “Is it hard to clean?” Most items short of Wok are.

She must be related to my wife (:. I almost purchased it at Costco for $150 about 3 weeks ago. Looked like quality and boy, was it ever heavy!