All For Your Pet

Duck Dynasty is bad. RAWR.

If it makes you feel better, it’s likely we bought these off of some other retailer who bought too many then realized recently they’d never be able to sell them, so the DD dudes probably never saw any extra money from us.

These C.E.T. chews are awesome, great for dogs oral health. However, Amazon meets or beats every option here except the Enzymatic Medium, HEX medium and HEX extra large. Granted Super Saver Shipping only applies to orders over $25, just add another item and avoid paying too much PLUS shipping from woot. Amazing how orders are fulfilled by the same warehouse but woot! charges a premium under the guise of a deal. SMH.

Anyone know about these shampoos? Sounds like a pretty good deal, especially the 12 to 1 concentrate of the oatmeal and aloe, but I am struggling to find reviews. There are a few on Amazon, but not a lot. Overall, they seem positive. Can’t find a single review for the Oatmeal and Aloe.

Woot generally sells odd lots and overstock, so you don’t have to worry about contributing to DD financially…

If I had a dog, I’d been in for 3, then I could revel in watching my dog destroy the Phil duck.

I get the ones for petite all of the time from Amazon and the vet never complains about my dogs’ teeth. But on Amazon its the same price with free shipping (for prime).

I’m in for the “Tomlyn T16 Oatmeal & Aloe 12 to 1 Concentrate Shampoo 1 Gallon” deal the dog finally gets to move beyond Johnson Baby shampoo. Yea!! It seems like a decent deal thanks Woot.

As to the rabble-rousers out there in wootland who always try to tie their personal animosities and feelings into each and every item posted on woot grow a pair if you don’t like it don’t buy it simple enough. You get to make your own choices but don’t try and limit someone else’s choice of woot merchandise. You know I like to buy by the mantra of buy and let buy. And its corollary sell and let sell. Personally I had only heard of this Duck business in passing; certainly, I had never watched the show as I abhor all so called reality shows as inept fodder for the masses. With my libertarian streak some of the previous woot comments here if anything would tend to make me want to watch and speak well of these duck people simply to thwart the PC fascists out there.


Woot, can we ban these blatant heterophobes?

Incidentally are these bones (not the steam sterilized white ones but the “raw” ones) irradiated? I’m guessing they come from the rockport plant near St Jo, which means they should be fine.

Anyone care to comment on whether Feliway works or not?

At this price it would be worth a try, I think… Although, I’m not sure my cat is all that stressed out or not?

Interesting Wiki-How page: How do I know if my cat is stressed?

(Side note: I miss owning a kitty :frowning: )

I foster cats and if there’s tension in the house, I put the diffuser on. It does seem to work, although it’s hard to set up a proper test with controls and whatnot. I would certainly recommend it if you have a stressed-out cat or cats; it certainly won’t do any harm.

Can we get ‘made in’ locations on all of the consumable items here? Unless I’m missing it.

It’s not worth the risk for my dog.

Well said, like come on, you sound ridiculous. I’m sure all the people at woot sat around a table and said ok what can we do next to offend people, OH I GOT IT. You need a reality check.

The Butcher Block products say in the features: *All products are hand selected from a US human grade facility located in Nebraska from USDA inspected Beef

The C.E.T. VeggieDents are USA.

The other C.E.T. Chews are made in Mexico.

Hope that helps.

Usually i wouldn’t have bothered to say anything–after all, the racism, sexism, and homophobia are hardly uncommon in the US–but the DD guy has been all over the media in the past month (i heard about him in a UK newspaper) so the timing was particularly bad. i am well aware that money triumphs morals – it’s all part of the wonderful world of capitalism and the Great American Dream.

Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing. Don’t support what he says but support his right to say it…

exactly. there are lots of countries that censor whats said.
shouldn’t be a problem until its you that says something thats not popular.