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“Window Panels - 80” x 96" - Set of 2"

Do I get two 80" x 96" panels (160" x 96" total coverage), or two panels that total 80" x 96" in coverage (2 ea @ 40" x 96")?

For the most conservative coverage I need two panels that are at a minimum 70" wide each. Will any of these work?

This site says it’s the total dimensions. However, I’ve emailed the team just to be sure. Weekend could delay a response. :frowning:

Thanks TT. :slight_smile:

104" x 84"

Just to make sure. Is this Width x Height, or Height x Width?

Anyone know why nearly all of them are only in an 84" length? For regular windows that’s complete overkill and annoying to boot.

Hi these measurements are for both panels combined, not each.

Our Phelan style comes in 108x84"

104" wide 84" height.

Hanging curtains high and having them reach the floor can be a pretty good look that opens up a room and adds a great design element. I personally have 94" curtains in most of place. This site has some great tips:

Of course, at the end of the day, all that matters is what you like.

The description says “Both panels measure 80” x 96" in total".

What exactly does ‘in total’ mean? I was just getting to purchase and saw this and want to make sure I am purchasing the correct quantities.

It’s their combined width.

Unfortunately the 104" x 84" didnt work the same as the 80" x 96". I figured they were 80 width and 96 height just like yours were 104 width and 84 height. So now im sitting here disappointed with my too short curtains…

I’m very sorry. Please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

Be sure to tell them that our sale did not specify width vs height.

PM if you have problems.

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Just got these…do not work like they are suppose too…and now I am stuck with them…totally worthless curtains…don’t black out anything.

I just received my order today and all 3 pairs (6 panels) are the wrong size.

The item, in both the title and description, is stated as Blair Black-Out Window Panels - 80" x 96" - Set of 2.

I received 74" x 84" panels. Really disappointed because I was looking forward to hanging these this weekend. All of them have tags that clearly state the wrong size. I emailed support and hoping that they actually do have the correct size to send out.

ETA: They’re really nice curtains and I like the quality, but really need the longer length!

Update: Customer service says they don’t have the correct length to send out. I have to send these back for a refund. They are sending me a shipping label. Argh.

Really disappointed in how little light is blocked by these. Luckily I bought the max allowed so I can double up over each window, but I also have to buy more brackets to support the excess weight.