All Fruit Cake is Not Created Equal

These flavors surprise me. Anyone tried these before? Will this be the year curiosity gets the better of you and you try the cake?

You are right: Not all fruit cake is created equal.

My grandmother’s fruit cake did not have high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, color additives, and three different kinds of preservatives.

Woot I have no beef with you, as you are doing a fine job of selling us things we may or may not need, it just makes me sad that our culture of today accepts and consumes “food” filled with ingredients that the body does not need or even metabolized for that matter.

Where are all the fruit-cake jokes?

I don’t know any. Start us off! :slight_smile:

These scare and intrest me at the same time.

a cheap tire alternative (I have 3 spares in the trunk), but not good on ice. HFCS…FFS

The chocolate one is KOSHER!!!


(Solves the problem of what to bring . . . )

If you properly “soak” the fruit cake wih a sufficient amount of rum or brandy, the corn syrup, artificial flavors, color additives and preservatives will be the least of your concerns.

For the rum version, do you need to be 21 or older to have it delivered to you?

Probably not? Most of the alcohol is evaporated in the baking process, so probably not an issue.

By the way, that pineapple macadamia nut cake looks delicious… mmm…

If you like fruit cake even a little bit… you will probably really like this one… here are reviews from Cabelas product # IK-611846

Could not have said it better myself.

I’ll add to the chorus of folks saying that a real fruitcake should not contain HFCS!

Google “Trappist Monks Fruitcake” and you’ll find a number of abbeys selling their own fruitcakes, most of which use mostly wholesome ingredients–The candied fruit invariably contains artificial color and preservatives, etc. Or visit Mondo Fruitcake for reviews and more info on this much-maligned holiday treat.

Re: alcohol content of fruitcakes. It can be rather potent. The cakes are usually soaked in bourbon, rum, Madeira, or other wines or spirits AFTER baking… It’s what helps keep them moist.

With all that said, this is probably not a bad fruitcake, but wouldn’t be my first choice… Just whatever you do–Do not get the “Collins Street Bakery” or other mass produced versions unless you really do want to understand the origins of all those fruitcake jokes.

What are the dimensions of hese cakes. I see it weighs 24 ozs…but I would not want to be embarassed by ordering one and then get mocked for it’s meagerly size! Size please! All about the size knuckleheads…why must I give voice to what you’re all thinking…BOOM!

I have had the chocolate style before and it wonderful. The only problem is that it did not last to long with all the company we had that night so I ordered two of them this time. YUMMY!

When I was a kid long ago someone would always give us a fruitcake for Christmas…ahhh memories.

friends don’t give friends fruitcake!

The cakes are 9” across.

Not to cast any aspersions on your grandmother, but unless she spent weeks in the fall candying her own fruit, I would guess that a preservative or three made it into her fruitcake, and who knows what kind of corn syrup.

I have to disagree about Collin Street fruitcakes. They are pretty good, but not great until you give them a soak in bourbon. Then they become all a fruitcake can be.

I’m a little surprised that these cakes come pre-soaked, as all the alcohol will probably have evaporated before consumption and that is not optimal. But being pre flavored with booze, you could easily quick soak one and get it back where it should be.

Soaking a fruitcake properly should take weeks. Wrap it in booze soaked cheesecloth, bag it, and refrigerate for 5 days. Then repeat. After 3 weeks or so the fruitcake is ready to eat. I like bourbon some prefer cognac or dark rum. Can’t go wrong with a blend.

Costco fruitcake couldn’t be made good this way, but it did make it edible.