All-in-One PCs

I purchased the Dell 2710 w/ TV-tuner last time from Woot and I absolutely love it! I highly recommend it!

Plus, the Woot description last time didn’t say anything about a dedicated video card, so I wasn’t expecting one… BUT MINE CAME WITH A GeForce 640M! Totally awesome! Thanks Woot!!!
(Don’t know if it was an accident, but I don’t mind!)

The HP model looks like a really nice multimedia computer for someone who doesn’t want to have a big box on their desk. The weakness of these is lack of expansion capability, but I think this one already has everything you need except maybe more hard disk storage. You could get an external HDD and connect it by the USB 3.0 port, which would be plenty fast enough. Nice computer.

I love the look of the HP, but I wish it had the screen resolution and HDMI ports of the Dell.

Or too bad the Dell doesn’t have the wireless components and look of the HP.

at 2560*1440 the two dells are actually a really good deal. The monitors alone are $800+ (unless you go korean off brand).