All Kinds Of Hangers

Sadly, not all kinds of hangers. If there were some oversize / XL hangers, I’d be all up ons!

Joan Crawford would approve of this woot.

i have found that a great place to get hangers is ikea, great prices, nice quality

Please bring back the kid clothes hangers

No metal ones so I can bulk-buy them for my HD antenna business? I has a sad.

Oh, hangers. I was looking for a place to park my airplane, but I guess that would be a hangar.

I’m seriously considering the fleece hangers. I have some now, and they are great space savers. They’re super thin, and non-slip. If you need more closet space, you’ll appreciate these. I’ve bought them on sale at a local department store for around $1 each and at the dollar store in 2-packs for $1/pack. So, this is a MUCH better buy if you want to redo your closet. I just don’t know if I can use 120 of them since I already have about 50.

Pros: Non-slip
Don’t get tangled up
Cons: Break easily when man- handled