All magnet spheres are being banned?


A few days ago Buckyballs was all over the news. Now even Zen Magnets are being banned. They have a pretty aggressive public response to the CPSC on the front page of their site.

And for some more public backlash against the CPSC:

And in the meantime, 100,000 people die from trampolines in the US? I’m not sure if petitions really do anything, but for what it’s worth, there is one at


I don’t think they are being banned,

and I don’t think it’s OK to link to anywhere selling them.

but, on Zen’s homepage I found

And I’d be perfectly happy to ban them if they are going to erode my pole.


Maybe you should search the news for “buckyballs”. And why don’t you think it’s OK to link to anywhere selling magnet spheres? WOOT and buckyballs were best friends only a few months ago.


If it is illegal for them to sell them why are they still selling them? I’m more interested in facts than media reports, if you can link to a court order or such, that’d be swell, until then I’m going to buy them as much as I please, if that means I am breaking the law, so be it.

the reason for not posting links to magnetic spheres is because I was told not to.


So then you might get in trouble for mentioning a coupon code like, oh say, XXXXXXXXXXXXX for a site where you can “get” the most popular magnetic spheres which worked as of Saturday?


I wouldn’t say trouble, but I did post said code, and it was removed within minutes

I don’t make the rules, but I do try to follow them,


Please don’t.

(As we are no longer accepting buckyball deals on Deals, it logically follows that we shouldn’t be posting them in the other woot forums either.)


which we appreciate. because otherwise i will have to erode all kinds of poles.


Doesn’t erosion normally happen due to rubbing and friction…

are you saying you are worse or at least as bad as unsmooth magnets?


On the one hand that sounds terribly painful, yet on the other hand…


at least as dangerous. the rest is subjective.