All Maine Lobster Rolls for Memorial Day

All Maine Lobster Rolls for Memorial Day
$129.99 $225.00 42% off List Price
All Maine Lobster Rolls, 12 Pack includes:
2 lbs of frozen Maine Claw and Knuckle Lobster Meat
Mayo packets
New England Style Split Top Rolls (12)
All Maine Lobster secret spice blend

Product will be shipped on Tuesday May 19th for Thursday, May 21st delivery.


Is this seriously just 2 pounds of lobster meat and about 5 bucks of rolls/condiments for $130?

…and shipping! Don’t forget the shipping.

In NYC, folks are quite happy to pay $15 per lobster roll at Luke’s Lobsters, so I guess this is a better deal than that. But I always thought that Luke’s was a rip-off, albeit a delicious one.

Someone needs to edit the description on how to make them, following those directions you’ll end up eating frozen lobster on a warmed roll. I don’t see anything about defrosting the lobster before mixing it with the mayo.

It’s a reasonably good deal - at their website it is $199 plus at least $25 for shipping (most likely more).

anyone paying $135 dollars for $35 dollars worth of food deserve what they get ! I get Live lobster at $7.99 a pound and Pepprage farms split top rolls for $3 dollars… that “secret spice pack” must be moron dust lol :slight_smile: and they aren’t getting the best parts THE TAILS !!! :slight_smile:

I don’t know if it’s the MOST ridiculous thing ever on Woot… but I’m hard pressed to think of anything that tops it.

I haven’t checked the price of lobster tails at the grocery store in quite some time, but I can’t imagine that 2 lbs is going to run even half of this.

Shipping is included. That makes paying $65/pound for lobster TOTALLY worth it.

How many lbs of live lobster does it take to produce two lbs of meat?

where this is only claws/knuckles, you are most likely looking at 7-8 lobsters (assuming 1.25# “dinner” lobsters) to get this.

average live price off the boat is around $8/# currently, normally you can’t buy directly off the boat.

still, this is redonkulous. thank god I hate lobster

It probably takes several if you just use the claws and legs, but what else are you going to do with them after you’ve sold the tails to someone else?

I am confused. I don’t understand the kind of site you want to be. I thought you you were a bargain site, but you are turning into something way different. What people are you trying to reach? Who do you want to buy your stuff? Not me I guess, I don’t have the money to pay $60.00 a pound for lobsters with some buns. I also don’t want to buy cheap crappy china made stuff either. I think your best bet is some where in the middle. Quality products for a fair price. And I will be a loyal customer for life. Do better, I want to give you my money. Isn’t that what you want?

Is this a joke? HONESTLY…is this some kind of gag post, Woot??

$130.00 for a kit to make a dozen sandwiches with two pounds of meat, a dozen hoagie buns, mayo packets, and some spice in a bag?


Oh PLEASE say “Yes. Yes, it’s a joke. It’s all been a bad dream. Now you’re going to slowly wake up and we’ll be back to the way we were before we were bought out…back when we were an awesome discount site, not a joke. Which is what you have dreamed we have become. You and all our other formerly devoted and now seriously disappointed fans.”

I’m the target buyer for this deal as I’ve been hungry for lobster and will probably by some in the next month. And in general terms I’m willing to pay $11 a lobster roll. Call me a sucker, but I’ve been hungry for one for weeks.

But even for a sucker like me is this actually a good deal? It looks like $50/lb for lobster meat is pretty common. Is this more because it’s claw and knuckle?

I could make them myself and save $100 (and shipping).

Yeah so that’s what, two lobster rolls (that’s what it would be if I went to a local place for $10)? RIPOFF!!

Well, we’re not all moneybags spendthrifts in NYC. Yes, the Luke’ rolls are expensive, but they give them to you on the spot and they have a LOT of lobster. As in if you bought 5 of them or so you would probably have your 2lbs of lobster right there.

This is a PHENOMENAL ripoff. Yes, even in good old expensive NYC you can get live lobster for much less–even if you go to a yuppiefied gourmet market.

Head out to the outer boros and you could fill your bathtub with lobster meat for that kind of money.

Ok, lobster rolls can be made with tail meat, though I tend to prefer knuckle and claw meat only. Good lobster roll places in NYC have about 4oz of lobster in each roll. This means this deal would actually yield 8 lobster rolls rather than 12. So the price per roll is more like 16 a roll.

The thing about lobster meat is that there is a drastic difference between fresh cooked and frozen. So I would say if you can get relatively cheap, live lobsters at your local supermarket just use the tail meat and make your own. I think the difference in cooking it fresh will make up for the loss of including tail meat, which is tougher and not as sweet.