All Maine Lobster Tails (10)

All Maine Lobster Tails 10-Pack
$129.99 $229.99 43% off List Price
Maine Lobster Tail, 4 oz 10-Pack

Delivered in time for Fourth of July
NOTE: Lobster Tails will be shipped frozen


Are these lobster tails cooked then frozen, or are they frozen raw?

Are these the 3~4 oz or the 4~5 oz tails?
Neither seems to match the pricing on the website but the copy suggests these are the smaller 3~4 oz tails that equal a 1# lobster.
but they are sporting with their Black Ties on

From the website:
“Frozen fresh and shipped directly to your door, frozen”
it would seem raw.

Specs/Features list:
Maine Lobster Tail, 4oz 10-Pack
(4 oz is approximately equal to a 1 pound live Maine lobster tail)

Indeed! Size is one thing, but boasting 43% off, when they’re actually just under 28% off is a whole different boat…one might even say it’s a 'lobster trap’

Here’s what I think is going on.

  1. You get their smallest sized 3-4 Oz, 10 pack priced regularly @ $179.99
  2. AML charges $39.94 shipping (to CA).
  3. Total comes out to $219.93 which is close to what they advertise (+ tax where it applies.)

You are getting that at $129.99 + $5 = $134.99
So the savings would be about 39% (less tax where it applies).

The problem is AML guarantees the lobster delivery from boat to door in 24 hours, while woot offers this on July 4th. So basically, at worst, your lobster will sit in a fridge or truck for 8 days. Personally, I don’t think this is a shocking deal, but still pretty good one.

If they’re red, they’re cooked. They turn red when you cook them.

If you’re silly enough to pay $52 a pound for lobster tails, then there’s really not much I can say to you. You’re likely also the type who’s crazy enough to pay Omaha Steak’s outrageous prices on meat, completely failing to realize that you are paying through the nose for your own ignorance on how to acquire equal or superior ingredients for a fraction of the cost.

For one thing, there’s a huge lobster surplus going on right now. If you pay more than $15 a pound for a whole live lobster, you’re getting ripped off (15 is less than 52, btw). And with a live lobster, you’re also getting claw meat, which is frankly better than tail meat. These are completely frozen and then mailed to you - lobster meat is very delicate, and freezing will damage the cell walls of the meat and give it an odd texture, to say nothing of a reduction in flavour. A 1 lb lobster (what these tails come from) is also not the ideal weight to pluck one from the sea, as 1.5-2 lbs is the sweet spot for fully developed flavour.

Lastly, have I mentioned that you’re insane if you pay 52 dollars a pound for lobster tails? Christ, I can go to one of the nicest restaurants in this city and not pay 52 dollars a pound - and I live way the hell out in Seattle, about as far from Maine as you can get without leaving the continent.

I know very little about purchasing lobsters and your post put things in perspective. Thanks for the educational post.

Thank you for posting this. After doing a few tours in New England where we paid under $6 a pound for chicken lobsters, I really shake my head at “deals” like this. Granted, these are prepped, ready to go, delivered to your door, and you don’t have to deal with executing the poor suckers, but I think one might get a better deal at their local fish market by buying live lobsters. (I swear the last time I cooked live lobsters I came this close to throwing them back in Narraganset Bay–they looked at me with their sad beady little eyes…)
I much prefer claw meat vice tail. I think it’s sweeter, but that just might be my imagination.

Your local Harris Teeters or Giant/Safeway have this regularly for about $6/tail (plus tax) - so you still pay about double with woot. Otherwise, fully live lobsters from a tank runs about $7/lbs. For about 10-12 bucks you got claw and everything - FRESH!!!

Spot on, Greshmahg. I live in Maine and simply laugh at the thought of this deal. Ditto for the Omaha folk. All I can say is: meh[.com]

Agreed. What’s funny is that Maine is lit up on the sales map…

For those of you within driving distance of a Publix grocery store, this week (and thru 2 July) they are offering previously frozen fresh, wild harvested lobster tails, minimum 3 oz. per tail, for $4.99 each.
The ad does not say from they were harvested.

(Sorry to be one of those people, Mods, but woot used to be all about the great deals they offered. Even you have to admit today’s offering isn’t so stellar.)

In NJ, the ShopRite around the corner regularly has chicken lobsters (1-1.25lbs, though they usu come in at ~1.5 apiece) for 5.99/lb.

Would not take this deal.

To people above comparing prices of lobster by the pound:
These are just the delicious tails; not the whole lobster. So your comparisons are flawed if you’re comparing a 1 lobster to 1 pound of lobster tails. Arguably, the tail is worth more than the rest of the lobster.
You’re paying for convenience here too. There are lots of land-locked states in this nation and some towns only have a walmart to buy lobster or no store at all. It is funny how someone pointed out all the sales in Maine though.

I would also agree your comparisons are flawed. Also, your buying lobster from the source and paying for freshness and delivered to your door. I personally would never eat a Lobster that has been sitting in a tank at a grocery store far from it’s source. There probably weeks old a few google searches for “Lobsters from grocery tanks” will be all you need before shopping for your next lobster dinner. I’ll go fresh thank you.

Just Google up Maine lobster, lots of deals out there, bigger tails too. Size does matter.