All Power 3250 Watt Portable Generator

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All Power 3250 Watt Portable Generator
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I said captain… I said watt?!

What type of stuff can this power?
What about a standard refrigerator?

Refrigerators draw a lot of power at the start but then are pretty easy so yes, I’m sure it can. The problems with this type of cheapo generator (I have one like it) is that they are very loud, and that the power is sort of dirty. So I’d be real careful using it for a computer. Hopefully folks with more knowledge will jump in.

If you were standing by it and had to talk, would you need to SHOUT?

And what about the fumes/smell? Strong or unnoticeable?

You can use this “value” generators if-and-only-if you hookup a voltage regulator (aka Line Conditioner) between the computer and generator.

Voltage Regulators / Line Conditioners can be found for as little as $30.

For example-

Yes and Yes. I would recommend ear protection if you are outside with it for a prolonged time…such as grilling out…20 feet away and your ears will hurt after 5-10 minutes.

Here’s a chart that might help. Personally I think this is just above a construction site generator. I wouldn’t bother with anything less than 5 to 6K watts for emergency home backup (fridge, some lights, etc.).

And don’t use it anywhere near a garage or window, even if you think the windows/doors are sealed. Fumes will find their way into a house if you don’t have it in the clear so they can dissipate.

The one you linked to is $180 - can you link to one that costs $30?

This one runs at 68db, which is kind of loud, but certainly not the loudest generator out there. This will run a fridge and some lights but make sure you calculate the starting vs running wattage of appliances.

If you don’t have one, this is a pretty good price and you only need it once for it to be worth it.

After Hurricane Ike I was without power for 9 days. I had an 8500 watt and was able to run a portable A/C unit (Not the window unit but the ones on wheels) my fridge and freezer and my neighbors fridge. This one wont be able to run that much but will keep your fridge running and give you some light. (If you have satellite TV you can also run that as well) This one is good in a pinch but if you have a lot of power outages, I would go higher or a natural gas solution.

This would also be good for camping as long as you don’t mind pissing off everyone else with the noise.

As far as the noise I am looking into an enclosure and upgrading the muffler to see if I can bring it down a little, but after a hurricane hits all you hear is generators anyway so it is not a huge deal…

(Also buy a bicycle lock or some other way to secure it)

Sure, here is one for $27 that can handle a PC/Laptop up to 500 Watts:

Edit…found the same model for $17…great deal