All Power America 3,500 Watt 6.5 HP Propane Generator

All Power America 3,500 Watt 6.5 HP Propane Generator
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What advantage is there in burning propane in a backup generator rather than gas?

Let’s see, I can think of more disadvantages and only a few advantages. Advantage one…

Daddy own a propane station. And that’s all I can think of.

Now let’s look at some disadvantages…

Very short fuel life, 10 to 12 months. And you can’t add a stabilizer to propane.

Storing large quantities of propane is VERY hazardous…more so than gas.

Very expensive to run propane rather than gas.

Buying a 20lb container for propane costs much more than buying a plastic 5 or 6 gallon container.

Some scary reviews from the Mother Ship. Poor packaging and bad warranty service.

Specs provided are minimal at best. How long will it run on a 20LB tank at half load? Where is the decibel rating for noise??

8 hours at half load per the company’s website.

You consider 3 reviews SOLID evidence on which to base a buying decision?
So why did you not mention the 16 Amazon reviews? Where only 56% liked it!

All Power America APG3535CN 3,500 Watt 6.5 HP OHV Propane Powered Generator
by All Power America
16 reviews | 56% liked it

pro, can sit unmaintained for extened periods

pro, not need to drain fuel/clean carb

pro, fuel can be stored for extended periods

pro, can use really really large tanks(try storing that much pertrol)

Manufacturer site,!apg3535cn/cx31

sell sheet

run time 8.5hrs @50% load on 20lb tank

Unit weighs 105lbs


how clean is the power provided? will my computer freak out?

lol nevermind. read the reviews folks.

I purchased this generator and received it on July 11th from Heartland America. It was drop shipped to me from All Power. The unit was damaged somewhat in delivery and I could not get the unit to run. After several calls to All Power for help they finally agreed I need to take it to an authorized repair center of their choosing on July 25th. After weeks of hearing nothing from them and after returning from a camping trip I originally bought this for, I called the repair shop. This was August 18th and they still had not repaired the unit but assured me they should have it by the end of the week. I then called Heartland America to get my money back and they told me I would have to go through All Power. All Power told me they could not do anything until they heard what was wrong with the unit from the repair shop. So I tried the repair shop again on September 11th. On this occasion I was told they are very close to figuring it out and would let me know after the weekend. So I call back on September 16th, and the shop is closed for some reason. I then call All Power and am told to give them one more day to get this worked out. They still have my money and will not accept return on this unit it is now October 6th and it is still unresolved and I still do not have a generator.

The big up for propane is storage. If the grid goes out, gas stations won’t be available. If one has the tanks, they will be ready for quite some time without stabilizer.

Pulled the trigger on this one… LOve the propane use. Easy storage. Easy transport.

If the grid goes out… what you gonna do on the computer?

We lost power routinely. I bought a gasoline generator after our second week long outage. The purchase was an impulse buy. We have since had many outages. One was for a week. The generator has performed like a champ each time. I put stabil in the tank and run the carburetor dry after each use. We do not store much gasoline, but always have some on hand for the lawn mower/snow thrower. When there is an outage, I buy gas five gallons at a time. When the lights come on, I put the remains in my car.

As for the ‘grid going out’ during a power outage, when our power goes out things are a little different, but I have never had trouble getting gasoline, food, or booze. A lot of stores have generators of their own for emergencies and stay open to sell non perishables. Home Depot actually brought in more generators last sustained outage. The liquor store propped the front door open and did cash transactions.

You would have to store a lot of propane survive a sustained outage that took out your local gas stations.

I may still get a propane or tri-fuel generator, but it would have to be a lot bigger than this.

One concern about propane is that it does not work as well when the temperature drops… – and it’s usually pretty cold when we lose power.

I actually have a Yamaha Inverter when the grid does go off. Hook it up to a transfer switch in my house. I am able to power up my refrigerator and my network infrastructure to the point that my playstation can play netflix, surf the internet, etc.

So yes, the computer does technically work, if you architect things correctly.

I have a trifuel conversion to make my Yamaha inverter run on propane 30lb tanks.

Propane is awesome as Hank Hill says.

I would recommend a reputable motor from a Japanese company like Honda or Yamaha.

20 lbs of propane provides nearly as much BTUs as 5 gallons of gas. However, the cost is not the only factor one should consider. In my area (the Northeast) gas is less expensive than propane. What’s more, propane is COMPLETELY unavailable during a general power outage…at least that was the case in my area. It’s unavailable because propane station owners close the door and just go home.

Now, if you want to convert to a different fuel to run your generator, NATURAL GAS IS THE WAY TO GO! I did this with my 16 hp 7200 watt generator and it was the smartest thing I’ve ever done. I no longer have to wait on endless gas lines to buy gas at an inflated (rip off) price during a general outage. Natural gas costs just under one third the cost of gas to run your generator. There is no need to go to a gas station and wait on long lines, as natural gas is piped to your own home.

The cost of doing this was $190 and this allows me to use any one of three fuels by simply flipping a switch.

At least go to google and ask about the shelf life of propane. THERE IS NO STORAGE ADVANTAGE TO PROPANE…THERE IS, HOWEVER A STORAGE DISADVANTAGE.