All Roads Lead to Pinot

All Roads Lead to Pinot

James Family Cellars Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 3-Pack
$69.99 $̶1̶1̶8̶.̶0̶0̶ 41% off List Price
2008 Stony Point Vineyard Pinot Noir, Sonoma Coast

Macrae Family Winery Russian River Pinot Noir 4-Pack
$59.99 $̶1̶5̶3̶.̶0̶0̶ 61% off List Price
2007 Macrae Family Winery Russian River Valley Pinot Noir, Bacigalupi Vineyard

Winter’s Hill 2009 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 6-Pack
$79.99 $̶1̶4̶3̶.̶0̶0̶ 44% off List Price
2009 Winter’s Hill Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley

De Tierra Vineyards 2008 Monterey Pinot Noir 4-Pack
$63.99 $̶1̶1̶3̶.̶0̶0̶ 43% off List Price
2008 Pinot Noir, Monterey

Hi Wooters! We received some great comments on our wine the last time you guys got your hands on it, so we’re glad to be back “by popular demand”… we feel so popular!

Just purchased both the James Family and Macrae offers and was surprised to be charged shipping on both. Doesn’t one purchase lock in free shipping for additional purchases for the day? Or was that a limited time promotion that has since expired?

That was limited. You can still add several items to your cart, and check out all at once for a total of $5 shipping on that order, but just because you add something to your cart, does not mean it won’t sellout.

So because I purchased the wines as two separate offers instead of combining them as one order, I cost myself an extra $7? Terrific.

Welcome to the new Woot.

Enough of Amazon to start messing things up, but not enough to integrate “prime” shipping…

I wonder if they’ll ship all as one order?

Other woot items will generally ship together if they are coming from the same fullfilment center. Wine orders will not ship together unless they are coming from the same winery, and even then may not be shipped together. Wine is packed and shipped from the winery, not from woot.

Why is shipping on the winewoot plus offers $7 but today’s main wine woot offer $10?

Answered in the thread, but the $10 is for 2-day shipping. Summer shipping option is $7

If any of the Minnesota crew are interested in a split, just let me know.

Yes, yes, SIWBM. But I’m actually low on Pinots!

How is the winter hill? We are normally Mirassou drinkers but like to be adventurous via woot.

If you like oregon pinots, it’s one of the best qpr deals on this thing! Amazingly good daily drinker.

previous offer

I think it’s a considerably better wine than the Mirassou.

I have purchased twice in the past and purchase another dozen more through this offer. This is an excellent QPR Pinot for regular daily drinking.

It’s not super complex, but it has nice bright red fruit aromas and flavor, good acidity and a nice finish. Good food wine, good sipper.

Any thoughts as to how long this will cellar when properly stored?

I’ve not had Mirassou PN, but I have had some other Mirassou varietals. I had the Winter Hill PN from a previous offering.

I think I can reasonably say that Mirassou and Winter Hill are targeting different market segments. Mirassou is a Gallo brand, and is generally targeted above their mass market wines. The Mirassou wines that I have had fit that mold; they are very easy drinkers, generous on the oak, with a very soft and smooth mouthfeel, and some residual sugar. They would be an easy choice for me to bring to a neighborhood barbecue, as most people will find them very palatable and enjoyable. I normally find them drinkable for the first glass, then they lose their appeal and I move to other offerings.

Winter Hill fits into a different market, and matches my drinking style more closely. Winter HIll is not a mass market wine in the same way that Mirassou is, though it is certainly not a cult wine.

As for what to advise you - if you really enjoy Mirassou wines and those are in the center of your wheelhouse, I suspect you may not find added value in Winter HIll. If there are times, however, when you find the Mirassou a bit boring, or cloying, or overbearing, then Winter Hill might be a nice choice for you. Certainly that was the path that I followed in my “career”; I started out with Charles Shaw, and after starting to get some palatte, found it a bit boring and tried some other wines. Then when those started getting boring I tried others. Then I i discovered wine.woot and the rest is history.


It’s not entirely clear to me: the cork is artificial, so that rules out extended aging, IMHO. The structure is pretty good, but not exceptional. I’m planning to drink it over the next 2-3 years, unless SWMBO goes through it sooner. I think it will continue to improve over that time - 7 is about the optimum for good Pinot, though (of course) really serious Pinot can go decades. I’m not even thinking about my 2005 Buena Vista Ramal for another 4-5 years.

Can anyone confirm that the Winter’s Hill will ship to Ohio? Last time it was offered it said yes, then my order was cancelled.

It says that it can ship to Ohio again, but I’m a bit skeptical about having a second order cancelled.