All Sails Ahead!


Aw, no artist bio love for Playing Koi? Especially since it’s so endangered…


Playing Koi is a beautiful artsy rendering. This just doesn’t have the same feel. I can’t explain it.


I would like to know somebody who wears the Koi shirt. This one, not so much.


Ha! Nice preemptive punchline. :slight_smile:




The execution is wonderful, I had to vote for this one even if I do prefer your more imaginative designs. Congrats Patrick!


So happy it is on AA! I will not order the Anvil shirts on principle. I loved that they were made in America. I always try to buy as much as I can from USA. I am not sure if has been answered but are the only AA shirt blanks woot! has left the gray and red?


As of last week’s event, I noted that these colors/sizes were sold out. So a shirt that’s NOT in those sizes listed would still have a chance to be on AA blanks.

As a group (mens/womens/kids), however, any thing less than a full lineup means that they’re going to be on the new blanks.


My sister ordered the Koi shirt. She says it’s horrible - the way the halftones printed looks like it’s streaky and faded already. It wouldn’t even be good as wall art. But the design itself is awesome!

This shirt is also awesome, just in case there was any doubt about it.


Ha, maybe he is! Like when Jack sailed into Port Royal in a row boat when he was in the market for a new ship. Still galant, no matter the ship. :slight_smile:


I don’t know, this guy’s print looks pretty good


My son will be sad. :wink:

It’s a ghost ship that is in the process of materializing, so…


Is that “Gangplank”? … LOL looks great!


Oh, ok. Yeah, that guy’s shirt looks just fine! :slight_smile:


As much as I like the most recent of those movies I have to say I agree with this. I was getting so sick of disney pirates and ninjas. This is such a refreshing change of pace.


wait…how do you know this?


Mwahahahahha ahhahahahahahah!

Yep, I’ll be sorry to see AA go away - so I’m getting all the woot shirts I can till then.

On the bright side - when the Anvil shirts are defacto on all orders, ya’ll won’t have to put up with me anymore!


that’s a good question.


I admire the artistry and I kinda do dig it, but not enough to buy it. I have maxed out my tshirt quota for the next decade. lol


They’ll still have to put up with me, however …