All Season Beam Wiper Blade

Really woot? 3? Unless you drive a Toyota FJ or some other non-popular car, allowing 3 is kinda dumb. Just sayin…

On the other part, $7+ isn’t a bad deal, till you factor in shipping and taxes. And these are not the flag ship ICON blades that sell for double. Figure all that in, plus the fact you can only buy 3, yawn…

Update: Thanks woot. 4 would have been fine or 6. 5 I guess if fine if you want one for the rear wiper or a spare…

I was going to get two of these for our 2011 VW Golf. I can’t find any solid info (even on the Bosch site) that they fit. The later VWs need oddball adapters for the wiper arms, and since WOOT only shows a blade inside of a package and not the adapters… I’m out. Update, shows a listing, but the part numbers don’t match what Woot is selling, double out.

Yeah this is just not smart having a limit to three when most people have two cars in the driveway.

Who in the hell sells them in lots of 3? Sell either 1 set (2) or 2 sets (4)… none of them appear sized right for a rear window so a limit of 3 seems both arbitrary and stupid.

Bring on the ICONs
not these horribly made noisy streak prone junks.

Came here to complain about the same thing. Not worth it with shipping for two, but would gone for it if I could get 4.

Three limit dumb should be 6 or 10 single blade takes at least a pair per car.

Ridiculous setting a max 3 limit on these…most people have two cars (at least). Does everyone at Woot have an odd number of windshield wipers on their cars? (most of these don’t, if any, fit a rear window, so that doesn’t count). At least make it an even amount, Woot. Geez.

Hey all. Purchase limit has been changed to 4.

After my wife had to create a second order and incur another shipping charge. Thanks.

Thanks for listening!

Email and explain what happened. If they don’t understand, private message me.

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I have a Honda Fit and that car has two sizes for the wiper blades. I only see 1 of my needed sizes available, the 4828. Is there any possibility of getting the other size, 4813?

I’m sorry. All we have is what’s shown.


Thanks for replying quickly! oh well. I’ll hold off on this then. Maybe next time!

Why are all 6.99 except 26"? It’s 7.99

Woot’s policies are sometimes good and sometimes not so much. But if you know the product sucks let me know before I think I think I’m saving something,
Thanks wooter

Thought all purchases for the two days of the woot-off bonanza were credited with a $5 shipping discount after the first $5 shipping charge was paid.