All Season Beam Wiper Blade

that’s unfortunate, since you don’t even offer either size for my VW…I wonder how many different makes/models the selection you do have would work with… is it less than 10?

don’t know why I checked…

Nice! I was just looking at my wipers on the way to work this morning and noticed one was starting to shred.

In for 4!

In for 5!

Could someone please provide the model numbers for the wiper blades being offered here? I want to ensure that the curvature of these wipers matches my windshield.

The sizes range from 4816-4828, with the last two numbers representing the size of the blade. Hope this helps.

These things are cheaper than those Rain-X blades Woot hocks periodically. And those things are absolute garbage. Is it safe to assume these will inexplicably burst into flames the first time they get wet, or…?

One other problem,
my cars have a different size for right and left wipers and I can only choose one model at a time. On two cars I would have to pay 4 shipping fees.

You can add one to your cart, then go back and add the next.

I got these for my Suburban. The driver side would’t wipe the entire area underneath the wiper radius because the wiper actually lifted of the glass at one end. The other wiper flew off in a deluge of rain and hit the car next to us. And I went back to the OEM wipers after the first big rain.

Alas, despair! I ordered three (very strange) and only received TWO after paying for THREE (support case opened). Until then, hopefully it will not rain.

If I am to pay a penny over $3 for any type of wiper blades, I go to next higher level and whether on sale or not, will pay for Rain-X blades with water repellent technology that simply is the best of best, money can buy. After all in real raining/snowing day, nothing as important as vision and compare to price of a tank of gas that hurts every week, or change of oil, no sacrifice for blades or Car brakes, is my motto. You need to see and stop at best. If care doesn’t run, you are still safe, even if you go no where!
From , the only German thing about them Bosch is the name. Not too long back I bought my Rain-X Latitude Wiper Blades from Marshall! (And you thought they sell ripped off designer shirts) for $8 each (Lucky me, they that the right size for me)!! I pass big time.
Ahhh those ole Woots and the new management, though must admit this listening here to customers to at least add the number to a bare necessary, was something new for me.
Also for all those who think to buy more and save for latter. Wiper blades, though not printed with, HAVE the expiry date (The flexibility and properties of material deteriorates over time). So if you don’t need them, DON’T stock them.

My fault for not checking, but FYI, these do not include brackets for all vehicles (I’ve been spoiled by other brands that do apparently).
Standard u shape mounts, and pin mounts work with these. If you have another style, it’s a whole separate part number, such as a latching mechanism (my example is a Volvo)

Like I said, my fault, just sharing for anyone else.

Ordered 5 of the 18" blades, for some reason woot sent me all 17" blades which aren’t made for my car. Now they’re giving me trouble and won’t exchange for the proper size–they’re telling me the item is no longer in stock when it shows online that it obviously is. What terrible customer service…if you can even call it that. It’s non existent! It’s not even my fault, I picked the right item, paid immediately (obviously), and I get sent the wrong item. Then I can’t exchange. Makes me think it’s not worth the hassel. I’ve been buying from woot a long time but this isn’t the first screw up. They always made it right before…must be outsourcing their help now or something because they are terrible now.

I’m sorry for the problem. While these items are still for sale, we don’t actually have the inventory. It is being shipped directly by the vendor. We would need to coordinate the return of your blades and then send you the correct ones. It would hold your money for longer than doing a refund and letting reorder. (That’s the inside story.)

Could woot make it possible for me to be able to place another order for the proper size? I ordered five and am now blocked, due to order size limits, from being able to order the right size. Can someone help? I’ve been approved to return the ones that were sent improperly already.

Figures. Smallest size is 16". But I drive a Jeep Wrangler, which uses 15" blades. sigh

It’s a Wrangler. Just buy them and replace the windshield.

Shipping is sloooooooow.

danjreed you didn’t look hard enough. If you go to Bosch and search by vehicle

You will see that your golf requires 24OE (24") & 19OE (19") in the Icon flavor and 4842 (24") & 4838 (19") in the Evolution flavor, which is the same as my 2006 Jetta 2.5L.

Unfortunately the 24" (4824) & 19" (4819) offerings here are not the same thing, they are listed as “bracketless” versions and are NOT compatible with either your Golf or my Jetta.

No idea why you buckled to the fools.

If your car has only two blades buy only two and get out of my way as all my cars have three and I will run you over.

Four is a stupid qty. as you now screwed those that have three and two cars.

Six would have been the correct number to satisfy those with two cars with a mix, or two cars with three, or three cars with two or… oh forget it. It’s like trying to satisfy greedy kids with both hands out.

I herby donate my ability to buy 4 back to woot.