All Season Beam Wiper Blade

Need to know your wiper blade size for your vehicle? Here is the Rain-X sizing tool as it is better then what Bosch has to offer.

I bought 2 the last time these were offered. Please note that there is only one blade per pack, so if you plan to change both of your wipers, you need to buy 2.

The price is great - even lower than Target’s - even with the postage.

Very easy to install, once you figure out how. The blades are most excellent. It’s a lot easier than using a squeegee during a rain storm.

Adapters don’t come with this, so even though they’re a great price, you somehow have to get other adapters. Typically they come with them, and the Bosch website says it should come with them but mine didn’t, despite comeing with a paper listing all of the adapters that should’ve.

I bought these for both my cars last time and I think they’re pretty great. Mine had extra plastic parts in the sleeve, but I just used the j-hooks. No adapters needed for my Honda and Scion.

Oh and both cars take separate driver/passenger sizes - so I think buying wiper blades in pairs is a thing of the past. If they had the tiny 12 inch ones for the back window - that’s 3 different sizes per car!

When I bought mine at Autozone there were two kinds. One kind had adapters and one kind didn’t. It wasn’t immediately apparant either.

I have 3 cars and have 6 different sizes to fit them with. Woot stops me at 5 wipers and calls me greedy. Im not greedy at all just trying to fit all 3 cars at once. Guess ill just shop somewhere else because im not going to make 2 seperate orders for 6 different sized wipers. I might understand a little if they were all the same size but they are all different. And to limit it to an odd number is odd as well. Im sure most of the sales on here are bought in pairs… just needed to get that off my mind

I ordered these last time they were offered. The order arrived 50% short. First time I complained, WOOT promised to send the rest. After 2 weeks, I complained again, and WOOT promised to refund the purchase price. Now they’re on offer again? Makes no sense.

Bought 4. One came broken.(woot refunded, thank you!) Number two blade broke during install!. I would not recommend them at all.

Bought these a short time ago, clip holding them in place would not stay down, had to glue it in place. First real rain storm I was driving on highway and the drivers side came off, left me without wiper on that side. Would NOT recommend, save your money.

No Jeep Wrangler Size… again

BEWARE!!! The last time I bought wiper blades from Woot (Anco Brand) they were old & dry rotted and unusable. The manufacturer said I had to return them to the place of purchase. I contacted Woot and they wouldn’t take them back. A total waste of my money & time.

We talked with the vendor:

The models 4816 thru 4828 are Universal Blades that fit the J-Hook Connector so these do not come with adapters.

The wiper blades with part numbers 4836 thru 4844 should all come with adapters.

Wish I had read these comments before buying. Argh. I hope the 5 blades I bought are usable.

It does appear that these are just for the j hook applications, which is what most vehicles use, at least the last four or so vehicles I had all used j hook.

What moron set this up to a limit of 5? I have 2 cars, so a total of 6 wipers. 2 in the front and the 1 in the back…moron!

That moron would be the vendor. Only 5 wipers will fit in the shipping box.

No love for 13" wiper blades?

Nothing like driving a small car that takes one 26" blade for the driver side and a 13" blade for the passenger side. I end up getting nicer ones for the driver side and even auto parts stores usually have nothing but the cheaper blades in the 13" size. :\

Donald Trump is on Woot! Awesome!

No argument here. They said they could not find my blades. They misplaced them and had none in the warehouse. Offered me my money back and a 5 dollar coupon to be used by June 2nd. I ordered at a higher price on Amazon and it rained before they got to me. Ordering now so I can have them for next time.