All Season Beam Wiper Blade

These have been the worst wiper blades I have ever owned. On my Chrystler LHS, they don’t really have enough pressure to clear the top of the window…

I have not been impressed with these either. They are already squeaking on an SUV that has been mostly garaged since I installed these a few months ago.

Bought some of these a while ago when Woot had them previously.

Pretty sure these are ones that have been sitting on the shelf for a while - the rubber seemed to be dried out and these did not work well at all. I kept them for maybe a month.

If you’re looking for a decent beam blade, try Rain X or Trico (or Bosch from a Big Box Store if you like spending money). I haven’t had much luck with Michelin or Anco brands either.

Yep, don’t waste your money! Bought these at a retailer and they lasted maybe 2 mos. before streaking and leaving a line right in the middle of my vision.

We had no problems when we bought our last ones a few months ago when Woot had them. Was actually going to buy more but they sold out already. Swapped out what was on all vehicles with these when we got them in and they’re still on there working like a champ.

These are crap. They wouldn’t even stay attached to my Ford F-150. Bought them last time Woot offered them.

Had my order canceled. Which I think happened last time I ordered these!

What’s up, Woot?

Apparently, our vendor can’t count. Sorry. :frowning:

Cancelled my order too! Not happy!