All Season Beam Wiper Blade

easiest way to tell if these fit my '05 santa fe?

The product description provides a link to check compatibility.

Mine didn’t come with the (any) clips required to attach these to my vehicle. Unfortunately I told my mom and she bought some as well and also didn’t receive the clips. We’ve never been able to use them. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Just my opinion but the evolution and icon wipers have been disappointing for me. Just not worth the price. I just put $2.00 wipers on my car every 6 months and am satisfied.

Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that. If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form for assistance.

The last time that these were available on Woot I ordered several sets and they never shipped. Got an email message that apologized that they were not available along with a refund. Not sure about trying to order again.

Last time I got them in June 2016 they were a buck cheaper, but haven’t had to think about wipers on my daily driver since then until now. Definitely in for another set for me and the Mrs.

Edit: I am in Florida, ymmv.

Having bought 2 sets last time they were on I can definitely say Save Your Money. These are junk and will not stand up to snow or ice. I have 2 ford trucks and the blades do not snap onto the arm , the only thing holding them on is plastic covers with 2 small bumps. need less to say they don’t stay and the covers do not stay snapped.

For my old Chrystler LHS, these are the worst wipers I have used. They weren’t a downgrade from the warn out replacement, but they weren’t an upgrade either. They don’t hold to the window at the top. I am about to replace them with another pair, because they drive me nuts.

Same thing happened to me when I bought these last go-round. Ended up just having to throw them away and go throw down more than twice as much money for another set of blades. I read Amazon reviews from others who said the same. There obviously is a stock problem here.

These things are standing the test of time on our vehicles. Bought 10 total about a year ago and still have 4 left. Have since gotten a new vehicle myself and it needs wipers, good timing Woot! We’re also down in Florida, so, that’s saying something for the longevity of the rubber.

I love the Icon series… evolution eh… pass

26 inch size needed sold out,but had one unused from before, ordered two of the shorter for my Kia

If you have a VW Jetta 2015 (possibly 2011 - 2017), the clip appears to be the correct type but is too wide to fit in the receiver portion of the wiper arm. Don’t get it.

The only Bosch wiper blades worth having are the expensive ones, the most expensive ones. But I can testify on my cat’s life that the best wiper blades I have ever used were a pair of RainX Blades. I had just moved to Texas and a friend was cleaning out his garage asked me if I wanted them… never looked back they were as good two years later as they were the first day and I don’t park inside either. I also don’t have a cat, that was just for dramatic flair.

No adapters. However Woot gave full refund

Just received 5 blades yesterday, three units were damaged or the packages were opened with missing parts. The box that they came in was not damaged. Wonder what went on with the packing & shipping? I did report it to CS tonight after opening the box.

Same here. Was excited until I noticed that they were the Evolution line.

5 wiper limit ? who has an odd number of windshield wiper’s