All-Season Premium Beam Wiper Blades, 16" to 28"

Kind of disappointed that they are $4 more per blade than last time I bought them on here (4 months ago). Good deal then, not so much now.

Bought a pair some months ago. They are wiper blades… nothing really special about them. At that time the price was 6.99. I think for 10.99 I can just run to the local auto parts place.

He looked at it right.
12.79 + 12.79 = 25.58 (free shipping)
10.99 + 10.99 + 5.00 = 26.98
26.98 - 25.58 = 1.40 cheaper on Amazon (before taxes, of course)

These are really great blades. Every year I purchase these blades in December for all my vehicles. The manufacturer offers a great rebate for $15/pair in December. That rebate offer combined with my local auto store’s already low price puts them at about $19/pair after rebate. So this is isn’t AS good, but close.

Sorry, we can’t be sure if you will get a packing slip.

Actually it is even a worse deal than you described. I went to Amazon and priced some out, the ones that are sold by express auto through Amazon are 9.16 per blade plus 5.95 shipping… so if you get 2 blades it costs a total of 24.27 which is 2.71 cheaper than woot… and the more you buy the more you would save because the shipping at the express auto doesn’t go up when you ad more blades just like woot.

In short if you want these blades other places are cheaper than woot.

Woot used to mean a good deal… now it is starting to become a euphemism for rip-off.

I need 4 of these, for my two cars (obviously). Let me break this down…

  • Can only by a max of 3 on Woot. So I’d need to buy 2 or 3 on my Woot account, and 1 or 2 on my wife’s. That means paying the $5 shipping twice.

  • 10.99 * 4 + 10 (shipping) = $53.96 on Woot

  • Varying prices per length of blade * 4 + 0 (free shipping) = $50.92 on Amazon.

  • $30 ($15/pair) in rebates equals total cost of $20.92 for 4 blades. Can’t go wrong.

yes, same part numbers were used. After added to shopping carts on each site (so adding s/h + tax), Amazon came out cheaper.

I’ve had variable results with the “beam” wiper design. Typically for me they wipe well when new but don’t last very long, and the beam design makes it impossible to flip them over to get a little more life out of them. I’m back to using metal-frame blades.

I couldn’t buy these anyway because my car takes a 29" blade on the driver side.

You, sir, have me beat. I had these as $50.92 through Amazon with free shipping. Through Auto Express, shipping for some reason goes from $5.95 up to $6.95 when you purchase 4, but that still only totals $43.59. Less the $30 rebate, this costs me $13.59 or $~3.40/blade. Sweet!

The limit is 6 per customer right now.

I purchased the product that I am submitting a rebate for online and did not receive a receipt. Can I still receive a rebate?
Qualifying purchases made online should have been accompanied by a packing slip. For these purchases, the packing slip may be used as the receipt.

Online submissions call for an image upload of a receipt. Wonder if a screenshot will do? If not, print the order confirmation and scan it? Doesn’t look like a packing slip is an absolute must.

Thank you! I submitted it online already with a screenshot of my “stuff you bought” entry for these items. It went through and will refund it to the same Paypal account from which I paid for these blades.

LOL - I don’t have to worry about prices or rebates!

Using the fitment “calculator” at Amazon for these blades > They don’t fit anything I own!

I can certainly understanding not fitting my 1970 240Z or even my '85 MR2. But no fitment for a 2000 Sable or 2007 Outback?!

Well, I don’t have to worry about packing slips or rebates!



The calculator on the amazon page may not be working correctly. The Anco fitment calculator says the 2007 Outback uses C-24-UB.

I suggest using the calculator at Anco Finder


Look at consumer reports for ratings

If I buy a 24 and 19 straight from amazon I can save $4.63. why even have woot?

Just get a pair of SILBLADES and forget about wiper blades for the next few years…had a pair on 2 vehicles since Fall 2011 and still going strong here in the northeast.

When did wiper blades get so expensive? Refill blades use to be only a couple of bucks. I had mine start falling apart last December, on my way home from work, raining kind of bad. Stopped at the first place that sold blades when I got into town, didn’t think it would be real safe to keep drive in heavier traffic. So, I was in Walmart, no refill blades, only the pre-mounted, singles, $12-17, each. Couldn’t find an 18 inch ones in the section I was able to get to, finally the old man (who probably shouldn’t be driving) moved on. The only 18 inch blades, were the Walmart store brand, Supertech, just under $4 each. Got a pair, under $10. They are doing a surprisingly great job. How long they will last… Rubber does do well in Florida, but if they make it through the summer, money well spent. 2 years is about the best I’ve gotten on any…

Why are these better than getting genuine replacement wiper blades from the dealer?