All-Season Premium Beam Wiper Blades, 16" to 28"

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All-Season Premium Beam Wiper Blades, 16" to 28"
Price: $9.99
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3/5/2015 - $10.99 - Click To See Discussion (41 comments)

Time to learn all about Anco

I have no idea what wipers I need for my cars, but Anco does.

I bought these a few months back when they were last offered here on woot. So far they have worked great in the spring rains. I have used them in light drizzle to massive down pours with excellent performance. They do streak a little when use in light rain. I’m in for another to replace the rear wiper on my Subaru.

And what about those of us who need different sizes for the left and right sides?
Never mind. On the second try it let me add them to my cart.

Comments from a previous offer

These are about $15 at Wally World, less at Amazon.

Trico’s is a little more human consumable, offering clear size as opposed to trying to sell you a specific model…

I bought several of these last time thinking they would last. Wrong. It didn’t take more than a month or two before they began squeaking, chattering, and streaking. They don’t really seem any better than the regular cheap wiper blades IMO.

My “Beam” blades did not perform as well as the original manufacturers. To clarify, in my Pontiac G6 past 60mph they did not stick tight enough to the windshield to clear the water away.

I usually buy my blades from Costco when they have them on sale (Goodyears). Cheaper than here and decent quality.

A question and a comment:
Weren’t these $6.99 last time?

For those with older cars, the beam-type blade might not be the best type. Our “extra” car is a 1996 Ford Crown Victoria and these blades don’t conform to imperfections in the windshield. Each side has a section where the blade does not contact the glass. Not saying it’s Anco’s fault, I just think, IMHO that the old type wiper with multiple pressure points is better for windshields with warp or depression cavities in them, and these tend to be on older cars.

More horse trading by this bullshit site!
Folks the very same prices on Amazon!

Hmmm. Most of 'em seem to be between $13-$14 on Amazon (though some of the unusual ones are twice that. If you’re Amazon Prime than makes one blade on Amazon a better deal, two nearly a dead heat, and more than that tips it to Woot.

Not exactly a barnburner.

rockauto has a large selection of wiper blades, most cheaper than these. I’ve had good luck with bosch brand

I bought these on the last go-round for our 2011 Town & Country and our 2012 Ford Focus. They work great on the Town & Country. However, these must be older as there’s no adapter included for the newer fords.

Screaming Deal!!

Yep, put them on my Mercedes and they squeal like a pig. They clear the glass well and let you know theyre doing it.

Tossed them after a cpl months, spent 40 each on the factory blades, they are silent. Last set lasted 5 years. Live and learn, Don’t Go Cheap