All-Season Premium Beam Wiper Blades, 16" to 28"

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All-Season Premium Beam Wiper Blades, 16" to 28"
Price: $9.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Aug 17 to Tuesday, Aug 18) + transit
Condition: New


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$12-$14 on Amazon with free Prime shipping.

Comments from a previous offer

Looks like the only 26" available isn’t even Anco, it’s the Champion. Nice work sneaking an off-brand in an Anco sale.

Not trying to be sneaky. Probably wasn’t room in the title for all that but we did describe in the features.

Sorry for the confusion.

$40 regular price??? Just a little bit inflated. I have never seen a wiper blade cost $40, I usually see these for $15 to $18 in the store.

I bought these last time on Woot. They are good quality. I bought the 14" for my rear wiper blade but it required a wider style wiper blade. Oh well, live and learn.

No C-19-OE, bummer! I guess my passenger doesn’t need to see…

I bought a set last time these were on sale here. Great blades for the 50 inches of rain we get yearly here in western Oregon. Nice and quiet too compared with the crap R**n X blades I installed previously.

Just bought set of Goodyear wiper blades at Costco for $7.99 each.
Can these be any better than Goodyear?

Bought these last November for $6.99 each. Great blades for the price, although I did not need them at the time. Just installed last month, and they work great.

They probably came off the same line; both Anco and Champion wipers are products of Federal-Mogul Motorparts.

Come on! Where are these blades actually $40. Get real woot.

Have you ever paid an auto shop to replace the wiper blades? $40 coves the free installation with profit!

these are $7.28 at rockauto

I’ve been using the Walmart brand, SuperTech, for the past few years. Under $5 each, and have held up very well. Here in Florida, rubber doesn’t last very long out it the sun, humidity, and torrential rain. Expensive, doesn’t mean better, or will last.

No way I’m going back to paying $15 for one blade. Kind of strange, but I have seen just the rubber replacement part in years, just the whole-arm, singles… Around here, it’s just the rubber strip that fails, not the whole arm. Also change both blades, since they are both equally exposed to the rotting agents.

After a long Christmas night on the road with squealing wipers, we always have our next pair on board.

Lots of stores will install for no charge in the parking lot. Pep Boys, Advance etc. If you buy them there.