All-Season Premium Beam Wiper Blades, 16" to 28"

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All-Season Premium Beam Wiper Blades, 16" to 28"
Price: $9.99
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Condition: New


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Comments from a previous offer

I just last week threw out my last order of these. I bought the correct size for my car.

They juddered and squeaked horribly from day 1, and although improved slightly if I kept cleaning the blades, they just wouldn’t work smoothly. The only peace I could get was to run them at full speed no matter how hard it was raining. This would slightly minimize the god awful noise, but wouldn’t completely alleviate it.

I was beginning to wonder if there was something wrong with the wiper hardware, but when I went back to Bosch Icons, it’s smooth running again.
It’s possible I got some malformed ones I guess, but I certainly won’t be trying these again.

$2 Cheaper purchasing from Amazon with Prime when you include shipping.

I recently bought these thru Amazon. I’ve only had them in two rain storms and I think they are fantastic. They wipe the window cleanly and they are quiet. No downside so far.

The pair will be cheaper for most folks through Amazon with prime. Woot where did you go wrong?

Due to the incline of my windshield, I don’t trust this blade design to work on my car. I returned Goodyear blades with a similar design because at highway speeds the airflow picks them up off the windshield enough so that they become ineffective. In a heavy rain I had to pull over to the side of the road. From now on I purchase just the old-fashioned blades with all extra metal as pictured below.

These are junk. I purchased several sets from Woot about 6 weeks back. They “chatter” very bad and they don’t remove the water on your windshield. Wiper blade “chatter” is skipping or jumping across your windshield while making a loud noise. I’m told the rubber on these blades are most likely old and dried out. I even called Anco and they wouldn’t make it right. I have used nothing but Anco my entire life. I’ve now switched to Rain-X blades.

Bought these when Woot had them for $6.99 a ways back. They work fine for 2 vehicles after 4 months of use. But, it hasn’t rained much this summer. $9.99 doesn’t strike me as a great deal…

On my longer blade, there’s a spot in the middle that doesn’t maintain contact with the windshield and leaves a streak right in my line of vision. I’ll be replacing them soon. Disappointed.

Tried 2 diff pair (same price at Costco) on my MB and both both squealed like a pig. Be wary of this brand.

Amazon raised the price so woot would be cheaper LOL Scummy

Nope $10.99 with Amazon prime (free 2 day shipping) is still cheaper than woot ($10 + $5 slow shipping) = $15

This was my finding too.
Many are stating the design of the blades as the problem, yet I’ve swapped right back to Icon blades made by Bosch which are essentially the same flex ridge-back rubber design, and they work flawlessly.

You rock!

“Rain is like an old college friend. It’s nice to see until it starts to get in the way.”

Yeah right, YOU went to college.

The picture had Anco contour blades and I received champion blades not what I ordered do not like the bait and switch