All-Season Premium Beam Wiper Blades

I love how Woot has no wiper blades here that fit any of my vehicles per the manufacturer website… sigh

This is very disappointing. None of the 4 vehicles I own match the criteria.

What i found out was that the PB, BB, SA & SB meaning at the end of the size stands for the adapter type.

SA & SB are for Side Pin OE Adapters
PB is for Pinch Tab
BB is for Top Lock

If your vehicle has a standard J-Hook arm/adapter, than either the OE or UB (Universal) would work.

These will fit your vehicles as long as you know which adapter your vehicle comes with. Thanks

So where are the 18" blades? Not useful to have new blades on only one side of my windshield…

ANCO doesn’t make these in an 18". Which vehicle do you have (year, make and model). i’ll try to help you.

Are you saying that the SA/SB is appropriate for the J channel adapters? I don’t see any OE or UB options listed.

Also, for anyone else, the MFR has a look up for the correct size:

i believe the J-Hook is for Universal Blades. The SA/SB are for Side Pin.

Ebay has them for 11.98 Free shipping.

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that is for the universal blade, that is not the same blade that’s on Woot. This blade is specific to the OE arm on the vehicle.

8 bucks for one blade. Can pick up goodyear brand at (Costco/Sams?) for same price last time I was there. However, after getting a new 2013 VW, it cam with Bosch blades. Lasted 39k miles (2 years) before I replaced them (Michigan so all kinds of weather). These look like them but got them at WalMart at the time. Have them on 2 jeeps and a minivan. All about a year old. They are worth the extra. Always had good luck with Bosch blades. Even the cheaper ones.

funny their site says that my Car needs an Part: C-18-UB (18")

Yeah, I noticed that, too. Also strange since the blades I have on my car now are 18" ANCO blades.

2009 Prius is the car I’m looking to fit at the moment. (Currently running 18" ANCO blades on the passenger side.)

That’s correct, they make a C-18UB but not an 18" with these suffixes (PB, BB, SA)

Once again, Anco has an 18" blade (C-18UB) which is a universal blade that hooks onto most new vehicles. These ANCO blades (19" & up) are made specific for vehicles that have that particular wiper arm. You can still purchase an 18" blade by ANCO, either a C-18 UB or C-18 OE which comes with all the adapters.

Hey just to let you know VW uses a private blade lock… I went through a lot of blades trying to get them to fit on mine. At the end of the day just go to the dealership and get new ones.

OK, so my 2005 Pontiac G6 uses C-24-OE and C-21-OE.

Will any of these models on Woot fit my vehicle?

YES, the C-21PB and C-24PB will both fit. I checked via Amazon and that confirmed it for me.

After shipping, not much of a deal at all.